Friday, October 2, 2015

Guess What?!?! We Sold Our House!

I KNOW!!!! You are free to freak out now, I sure am!

I've been dying to let out this secret for a while but wanted to wait until everything was official so I wouldn't have to take back anything I said. As of Tuesday night, our house is sold! Craziness!

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
We have been toying with the idea of moving for a while but finally made the decision in August. You know, it's totally normal to make important life decisions when your life is already crazy with wedding stuff.

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
So we contacted our realtor, set up a date for photos and started to madly clean our house. Oh and did I mention that we were also starting up our September IUI cycle at the same time? I know, we really are crazy.

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
All the cleaning was worth it though because our house looked amazing for the photos. It sure does stage well and it helps to have an awesome photographer. All credit for these fabulous photos goes to Caleb Hunt.

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
You may be wondering why the heck we would want to leave this perfect house and if you are, you are not alone in those thoughts. We have been asked this by many many people. The plan is to find something that is cheaper and has great resale potential but needs some sweat equity put into it. We are young and ambitious and would love to build up some equity so that we can eventually get a house on a few acres that we could see ourselves growing old in. So while this house is gorgeous and has been a great place to live for the past four years, we're ready for the next adventure.

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
Although we sure will miss this place. We have worked so hard at making it ours and it will be hard to leave it at the end of November. I keep going back on forth between excitement and sadness.

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt

Photo Credit to Caleb Hunt
The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind and I am happy that the whole selling part is now done with. I'll write up a post next week about how it all went down, but for today I will end it here.

We are excited about this new phase in our life and are feeling good about our decision. We don't have a place to move to yet (we are currently looking) but we will be staying in this area, due to Dan's business that is doing so well.

Now, I know you will all have questions, so I will do my best to answer. Ask away!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Still Empty

My uterus that is. This last IUI cycle didn't work.

I am disappointed but not as crushed as normal. I actually had no hope whatsoever for this cycle and only expected it to fail. I'm to the point where I don't really expect it to be any different. I feel like we will never get pregnant again.

It still sucks though. It still hurts that this isn't working and that my eggs are obviously screwed up and that we may never have a child. It hurts when others have babies or get pregnant. It hurts to realize we've been trying for over 5 years and are still on this shitty road. To sum up, my heart hurts.

This journey is hard and it wears on me some most days. Infertility sucks. Big time.

I saw this quote on Pinterest and I liked it. So I thought I would share it.

Now back to eating cookies while watching The Mindy Project in my sweat pants.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 Goals: Progress Report #3

I cannot believe that the year is already three quarters over, it will be 2016 before we know it!

1. Take a CPR/First Aid course Done! I had to take one for my volunteer work and I really enjoyed it.
2. Put $2,000 extra on the mortgage Seriously, I should stop putting this on my goals list...
3. Read 30 books I just completed this the beginning of September.
4. Go on a canoe camping trip We went in July and had such a fabulous time.
5. Run my 3rd 5k I did it! I ran 4 out of the 5km and am so proud of myself!
6. Take a class (such as pottery, dancing, etc) with Dan We are on to our third West Coast Swing dance class and love it so much!
7. Finish bedroom makeover The only thing left is decorating.
8. Fix flower gardens I still have 2 left to deal with but I'm waiting until next Spring to tackle them. I did 4 huge ones though, so I'm calling this done for this year.
9. Build back patio Not going to happen this year.
10. Read a Shakespeare book
11. Clean out car Done! I did a quick clean of it before lending it to my cousin and I'm calling it good, especially now that we have a new one.
12. Get wedding and engagement rings soldered together We have found a place who will do it, but are still contemplating whether we want to go ahead with it or not.
13. Learn to knit mittens I really need to get on this!
14. Get a membership at a library Done!
15. Practice piano once a week I can safely say I am failing at this one...

The year has flown by so far and I'm beginning to question whether I will be able to complete my last few goals before the end of December. Some of them obviously won't get done but there are a few I can work on still, so I better get cracking! How is everyone else doing with their goals?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guest Post: How to Choose a Maid of Honour

Guest post today by my sister Cora. Enjoy!

HOW TO CHOOSE A MAID OF HONOUR (a complete guide* to choosing the best possible maid of honour for your upcoming wedding!!!)

*This is not seriously a complete guide, it is an homage to my little sister!

First off, can I just list my credentials for writing this blog post?
1) I just got married a little over a month ago!
2) I had the best possible maid of honour.
3) I have pictures to prove it!

Ok, now for this complete guide.

When choosing a maid of honour, use this checklist to make sure that she is the best possible option.

- She has known you for a really long time!! Sisters are ideal for fulfilling this criteria.

Jennie and Cora at least 20 years ago!
- She loves you and accepts you, despite all your quirkiness and control-freak tendencies.

- She is organized (for example, my maid of honour started a wedding binder for my wedding months before I did!!)

- She loves wedding dress shopping (and kind of forces you to go so that you can find the PERFECT DRESS for you)

One of the many dresses tried on

She even helped me shop for my dancing dress. :)
- She is serious about her task and ready to take time out of her normal life to be there for you, even when it involves tedious crafting or cooking tasks.

- She supports and respects your decisions (even when she doesn't always agree). She also reminds you that it is your day... and you can do whatever you want!

- She has the ability to throw great parties!

- She has the potential to get you a perfect wedding gift!

I got an applesauce maker!! AMAZING!!!!
- She is super available the week before your wedding to do even more tedious tasks and help you get through what may be the most stressful moment you have ever lived through!

The car loaded to the brim in order to get almost everything to the wedding site

The "ribbon" factory

The result of the "ribbon" factory

Setting up tables

Sewing the hanging straps down so they wouldn't show

She picked up my wedding dress the day before :)
- She's able to help you get your wedding dress on. This is especially important if you plan on having a classic dress (hard to get in and out of!!)

It looks easier than it is!

Jennie is a pro at lacing up dresses
- She looks great in a dress and is generally very photogenic. **Click!**

Even when she doesn't know we're taking a picture!!
- She can give a great speech (and takes this role seriously) (being generous about passing on family heirlooms is also an asset!)

Jennie putting the final touches on her speech, a few days prior to the big day

Us listening to her fabulous maid of honour speech

The "family heirloom" is indeed a gift that Jackie offered her at her wedding 6 years prior
- She has a good "kiss to copy" in her repertoire. This is especially practical if you have a kissing menu at your wedding.

- She contributes to the fun at your reception

Jennie helping the nieces and nephew to recite a poem (in order to get us to kiss... part of the kissing menu!)

The "sisters song" that we have made a tradition out of singing at each and all of our weddings
- And, most importantly, she really cares about your happiness!!

Jennie tearing up as I walked up the aisle!
Note to the readers: it is unrealistic to expect that your maid of honour will be able to fulfill all of the above-mentioned criteria. Jennie was truly exceptional. In any case, be sure to appreciate your maid of honour.

Jennie, I love you so much and can't thank you enough for all that you did (and were) for the wedding! I hope this blog post makes your readers laugh, but, more importantly, I hope it makes you realize how terrific you are. A maid of honour extraordinaire indeed!

P.S. We love you!!