As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, I'm taking the whole not getting pregnant thing hard. I'm in a bit of a discouraged state and finding it hard to remain optimistic that this will ever work. The last two months have been stressful and all I have been able to think about is fertility.

So Dan and I have decided to take a break from our clinic trips and just spend some time together. For anyone who has gone through fertility treatments, you probably know that it can be hard on your relationship with your spouse. We both need a break and it will be good to be able to work on us and our marriage.

We plan on just spending more time together, hopefully planning some fun dates and not obsessing about becoming pregnant. Oh and going on a weekend getaway to a fabulous place.

We went there for our first anniversary and I am so looking forward to going back. Don't worry, I'll take pictures and share with you when we get back.

So that is where we are at. Taking a break from treatments and investing in our marriage. I'll keep you posted on what our next steps are as we feel ready to share but for now, time to relax!

I bet that you guys are getting a little sick of me doing this Fab Ab Challenge every year and telling you about it. Basically, there is nothing new to add every year, I just do the same post over and over again. I think this is the third or fourth year that I've done it.

Oh well, you will just have to suck it up because this time every year, I get inspired to get some rockin' abs. And so, I shall participate once again.

I'm on day two today, since I'm not actually going by days, considering we are March not February and I know I won't stick to the schedule. Somewhere around the half way mark, I slow down and need more breaks.

I'm off to a good start though and my abs aren't hurting that much yet. Then again, I've barely done anything...

Anyone else want to join in? My sister Cora is doing it with me this year but we always allow newcomers!

Our bedroom is finally finished being painted! It took way longer than I had planned, mostly because we did it the middle of our first IUI cycle and partly because I hate painting and took a lot of breaks. Okay so maybe it was more for the hatred of painting that I took so long...

But it is finally done and I am happy to say that it looks marvelous. I'm really loving the colours we chose and I think they go super well with our current decor.

The grey of the wall ties in nicely with the grey in our new duvet cover. I chose them to work nicely together but it's still nice to see that I was right.

The blue accent wall stands out nicely and adds the perfect amount of colour to the room. I am excited to start decorating and adding little touches to the room, but I have to wait until our dresser is built and we know where everything will be going.

The room is feeling a little bare now that it's missing a bunch of its furniture, but it is functional and we are happy to be sleeping in there again. Even if our clothes are still spread out on the futon in the other room.

I hope you guys are all having a good week and I will post room updates as I have them.

Anyone else painting recently? Or love painting so much they are willing to come help me paint our extra room?

Our IUI didn't work and I'm taking it hard. It probably has something to do with the extra hope we put into this cycle, knowing that all of our numbers looked good and everything was lined up so perfectly. Or maybe it's the $1,000 that we spent and have nothing to show for it. Who knows.

All I know is that I am feeling discouraged and defeated. Like this will never work, so why even keep trying. I've reserved today for a pity party so I am off to eat chips and watch TV while lounging about in my Lulu's. I will accept any prayers or good thoughts sent my way.

We rarely go to concerts and we rarely plan things too far in advance, but last weekend was an exception.

Back in November we heard that Josh Turner was coming to Casino Rama in February and we decided we should buy tickets. We had no idea what our lives would look like come February or where we would be in our medicated cycles but we decided to bite the bullet and just book it in. We invited some friends to come with us and we looked into hotels near the casino, since it was 2 hours away from us and we knew we wouldn't want to make the drive back afterwards.

It was a quick trip away, seeing as we were gone for less than 24 hours, but it was so much fun and just what we needed to help distract us.

Josh Turner was amazing in concert and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Well, except for the obnoxiously annoying people behind us who kicked our seats and talked loudly the entire time.

We had amazing seats, only 10 rows from the stage, so we could enjoy the show without staring at the giant screens the whole time. Go me for snagging good seats early!

We have decided that concerts are a ton of fun and we really should try and get out to more of them. We've only been to a handful in our lives and that just isn't enough.

What about you? Do you go to concerts often? Or do you prefer to listen to music in the comfort of your own home or car.

For any of you who have ever tried to get pregnant, you probably know what the two week wait is. For those of you who don't, let me explain. The two week wait describes the time between ovulation and your period showing up, or not showing up. Basically, it's the longest two weeks ever waiting to find out if you are pregnant.

I used to think that this two weeks was long when we first started trying but I have since realized that it is much worse when you are seeking out fertility treatments. I feel like since we did an IUI this cycle, there is more pressure to be pregnant and therefore the time since has dragged out even more than usual.

It's only been 9 days since our IUI but it feels more like 9 months. I have been trying really hard to fill the days and find distractions but it hasn't worked that well. I'm a bit of an emotional mess and can't seem to decide how I feel.

All this to say, the reason for my absence on the blog is because I'm much to distracted to actually focus on typing anything. Or doing anything other than watch TV and stare at the clock. Sigh.

It's been a slow week around here, as I spent most of it painting and recovering from our crazy weekend of IUI's. I really didn't get that much done so I don't really have much to blog about. So I thought it was the perfect time to do a Five Things Friday post. Wouldn't you agree?

1. My Christmas cactus is about to bloom again. I'm pretty sure that this will be the third time in a four month window and I'm kind of delighted. It's in a tiny little pot with old soil and I keep thinking it must not be happy, but it continues to bloom so it must not be that sad. I may still transplant it come summer into something bigger but for now I plan on enjoying the beautiful pink blooms again!

2. I am so totally in love with my new Oh She Glows cookbook. Seriously, I never knew that I could adore a book full of recipes so much, but I really do. It is full of healthy vegan recipes and the pictures make you want to whip up every since thing. I've already tried 6 or 7 recipes from it and have been happy with every single one. I'll be enjoying leftover Soul Soothing African Peanut Stew for lunch. Yum!

3. I would like to take a moment to tell you how much I love cheap pregnancy tests. I ordered 20 tests online and only paid $27 for them. If you consider that one test from the drugstore costs upwards of $10, I got a pretty good deal. And I don't feel bad using them when they're this cheap! Since my trigger shot that I took last Friday has hcg in it, I am "testing out my trigger" so that I will know with 100% certainty that a second line will mean I'm pregnant when I test next weekend. That is, if I'm actually pregnant. Either way, cheap pregnancy tests are the bomb.

4. Since I'm still working on painting our room (only the trim left!), we are still sleeping in the old office. It's a little cramped but it works fine. Although I do admit, I'm excited to get back into our old room and start decorating and setting it up how I want. Plus, the extra space to move around will be nice.

5. I kind of wish that Pinterest was around when I got married six years ago. It has so many good ideas on there and I love looking at all the pictures. Good thing that both my sister and sister-in-law are getting married this summer so that I can live vicariously through them.

So there you have it, some random thoughts for your Friday reading pleasure. I hope you all have a great weekend and I shall see you all next week!