Two weekends ago now, we went on our second camping trip of the year. Well, my second, Dan's third.

We chose a walk-in campsite at Bon Echo Provincial Park and planned to meet our friends Kendall and Steph there. It wasn't very far of a walk from the parking lot to our site but we still tried to do it in the least amount of trips possible. Which means we got to put my new backpack to the test!

It held up perfectly and I didn't even tip over. Which is more impressive than you might think.

Since we arrived a couple hours before Kendall and Steph, we set up our tent and then sat by the water to fish/read for a bit.

Except for it was too dang cold by the water. In fact, it was cold no matter where you went. I had four layers on and was still a little chilled. So after fishing/reading for probably only half an hour, we headed back up to our site to make a fire.

Kendall and Steph arrived just in time for supper so we really didn't do much that first night. By the time eating and dishes were done, it was dark and time to head to bed. Ya, we're that exciting when camping.

The next day started out cold again but we all huddled by the fire while making breakfast and tried not to worry about the forecasted rain for the day. Except for that didn't help the rain situation. Around 10:30am, it started coming down. Fortunately for us, we had a bunch of tarps and made a nice little kitchen tent with walls so that we could hide from the wind and the rain.

So we stayed under there for a few hours, having a picnic lunch and shivering. The rain never got ridiculously hard but it was enough to put a damper on any other plans. Shortly after lunch though, when the rain turned to a lighter drizzle, we opted on going for a drive and doing some geocaching.

It was nice to get out and see some more of the countryside while sitting in a nice heated car. By the time we had completed a couple geocaches, the rain had stopped and we felt ready to return to our cold camping weekend.

It was at this point that we decided to go for a canoe ride. Which may have been a bad idea. You see, it started out nice and the water was relatively calm.

But pretty soon the wind picked up and the nice lake turned into an ocean! Seriously, there were like 2 foot swells. And one of those swells tipped over Kendall and Steph. Fortunately, they were okay and we didn't lose much, only an old extra fishing rod. A nice pontoon boat and a smaller aluminum boat were nearby and came and helped us get them out of the water and our canoe flipped back over. It was a really good thing the other boats were around because the closest shore was a huge rock cliff and Dan and I were trying hard not to tip either.

Oh, here's a picture of the rock cliff to give you an idea of where we were.

Anyways, back to the tipping. I have no pictures from this adventure because we were pretty busy rescuing and then making it back to shore in one piece. And since it was freezing cold that weekend, they wanted to get out of their wet clothes as quickly as possible. So just imagine Kendall and Steph super wet.

They both went and took hot showers at the nearby comfort station while Dan and I got the canoes packed away and a nice fire started back at our site.

The other good thing was that Steph came super prepared and had extra shoes and sweaters to wear in case her other ones got wet. Smart girl. I was not that prepared at all. So I had to take off my shoes and dry my feet by the fire instead. Then again, I didn't get fully drenched in the lake, just a little damp from the rain.

That last night we spent a big portion of it by the fire. We even stayed up past dark (until 10pm I think!) and chatted while staying toasty warm close to the flames.

The next day turned out to be the nicest day of the weekend but we had to pack up and head out. At least our tent and gear had time to dry out a bit before heading home.

Overall it was a really fun weekend and we hope to all get together and do it again next year. Although the plan is to choose a warmer weekend and hopefully not tip any canoes.

Oh and while we enjoyed our campsite, we scouted out the other walk in sites and chose which one we thought would be better for next year. So we're totally ready.

This is still our campsite

*Thank you to Kendall for sharing some of your pictures for this blog post.*

This will be the last post of my actual garden for another season, since next week I plan on sharing what my cold room and freezers look like now. So soak up the nice end of season feel of my dying garden and appreciate with me how well it did over the past few months.

It's not completely dead yet but I'm getting less and less from it as the days go by. I still need to pick my last few beets and cook them up for a meal in the coming week. I had a sad crop of them this year, considering what you see here is half my crop.

My pepper plants are still loaded down with peppers but I have a bad feeling that they won't all ripen. This cold snap isn't doing them any favours and they need heat in order to change colours. These ones are supposed to be orange, but I think we'll just have to eat them green.

My one and only zucchini from this years crop is just about ready to pick. I have to think of some fabulous way to eat it, since it's my only one. Any suggestions?

Out of our six tomato plants, only two are left. They still have a few tomatoes on them but I'm not sure if they will actually ripen before they rot. I figured I'd give them a chance though, so I'm leaving the plants in for now.

So there you have it, another year of gardening just about done with. Thanks for joining me along the way and I will see you next week for one last post in this year's series.

I'm sure some of you have noticed that my blog has been a little less exciting lately and I've been missing a lot of days of posting. It's been a busy summer (in a good way) and I've had a hard time keeping up with my 5/6 posts a week schedule that I made for myself back in 2012. I've been busy so I haven't been working on many projects to blog about and most of my recent posts are more life related and less crafty/DIY related. While some of you (mostly family) don't mind that, I'm sure others are missing the recipes, crafts, home improvement projects, etc. Or even the more heart felt posts that I used to do more regularly.

I just feel like there is something missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. Most of the time writing a blog post has become a chore for me and it's just one more thing on my to do list that needs to be done. I'm not necessarily writing because I want to right now.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is. Maybe just to let you know that I have realized I need to refocus and regroup when it comes to my blog. Maybe I need a break. Maybe I need to push through it. Maybe I need to post less.

I'm not saying I want to give up blogging all together, I like it too much to do that. It still does give me joy and I do still love communicating with my readers. I'm just finding it hard to keep up.

So I guess this post is to apologize and to ask you to bear with me, as I find my groove again. I may continue to miss days but I'm hoping come colder weather and a less busy time, I will be able to get back into the swing of things. I hope you guys can understand.

It's been a busy week and I didn't finish photographing the new shelves in the cold room, so I can't share those with you this morning. Which means it's time for...


#1 - I made dill pickles for the first time ever this week and while they aren't ready to taste yet, they look like they worked. So I'm hoping that's a good sign.

#2 - I'm using my hippy purse again, since I'm getting sick of lugging around a giant 7lb purse. It's kind of a nice change.

#3 - Last week I discovered that I could eat Laura Secord dark chocolate. Really good discovery.

#4 - My medal from my 5k run is hanging on the closet door in our bedroom. That way it's super obvious and easy for me to stare at.

#5 - I got a new hiking backpack and it's purple and I'm excited to get to use it for an upcoming camping weekend.

So there you have it, my five random things from today. I hope you all have a great weekend and I shall see you all next week!

The other day, while Dan and I were out in the backyard watching our new hens, we had an epiphany. Although if I'm being completely honest, it was all Dan. We were looking into our hen house and Dan thought aloud, "we should put a window in here". I immediately agreed and we decided we would look for a cheap second hand one as soon as we could.

I stole this picture from my hen house tour post back in June so that you could remember what the front of the old coop looked like.

On Monday we went window shopping and found the perfect one for only $8 at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. Score.

Dan started the measuring and cutting into the wall, while I ran around wearing my pink tool belt and taking pictures. I was super helpful, obviously.

It was around this point that I stopped helping altogether, but I had a good excuse and found a suitable replacement before leaving. You see, my brother, sister-in-law and adorable niece showed up for a visit and I had to be a good hostess. So I let Mike (my brother) take over helping Dan while Tara, Alma and I picked veggies and chatted by the garden.

They made great progress and were completely done by the time supper was ready. I kind of sucked at taking pictures of everything though since I was visiting the whole time. I did manage to take one picture of Alma and Mike though, which I thought I would share since it's pretty darn cute.

We are SO happy that we decided to put a window in since it makes such a huge difference. The hens love the natural light and it's fun for us to spy on them without having to open the door.

We still need to re-caulk the window and then paint the new trim, but it's finished enough to keep them protected and give them their much needed light.

What do you think of our quick new addition? Doesn't it look fabulous? Anyone else doing any small projects lately, before winter comes upon us?

This week I am on time! Are you proud of me? Fortunately the internet is working this morning and I am able to write this post before I head off for my busy day.

Our garden is most definitely on the winding down end of things. It gets emptier by the day. Our tomatoes are still coming in nice and steady but the plants are dwindling dying so I know it will just be a matter of time before they end too.

Last week we dug up all our potatoes so there is a big empty area in the middle of the garden now and a pile of drying potatoes in our basement.

Our basil plants are finally doing something and I've made pesto twice now to freeze. I ate so much of it last year that I really need to keep freezing as much as I can. It's just so good!

We have also been enjoying our carrots. For some reason, we barely ate any in August but once September hit, we were like "carrots"! Dan is pretty good at digging them up for me.

The What's Growing Wednesday series is almost over for another year and I'll be switching gears again come October. But you'll still have some more garden updates for another few weeks, so don't you worry. Soon I'll be sharing pictures of what my freezers and cold room look like now that I have been putting by so much produce.

I participated in my second ever 5k run on Sunday and am super proud of how well I did. Last year I ran in my first 5k and while I did better than I thought then, I did even better this time around.

I signed up to participate in a virtual 5k race, so I ran alone and chose when and where I wanted to do it.

This 5k run was in support of an international adoption and I loved that the money was going towards something meaningful. I have been following and supporting the Kline family for the past year and a half as they fund raise to bring their son Theo home from China. They will most likely be traveling to China in November to bring him home and I am so excited for them! If you would like to read more of their story, please head on over to their site, One Thousand For One.

I chose to run on a trail since it would be off the road, not too busy and all flat. I knew that I wanted to avoid any hills, since they slow me down significantly, and this trail offered the perfect location.

Dan biked along beside me as moral support and also snapped all these pictures, so that I could blog about the experience later. It was nice to have his company and encouragement along the run.

My sister Cora was going to run at the same time as me (in Sherbrooke, Quebec) but she wasn't able to due to getting stitches in her knee the day before. Since she couldn't do it, her boyfriend Jeremie ran in her place. My mom also went for a run at the same time, as more moral support. It was pretty awesome to have all these people supporting me in my run, despite them not being able to physically run beside me.

I finished in record time, mostly because Dan forced me to sprint the last 100 feet or so. I'm SUPER proud of how well I did.

Less than 30 minutes baby! I guess training for it actually pays off. I'm almost done my C25k program and have been running for a steady 25 minutes lately. Which is way better than last year when I never made it past week 4 of the program and had to walk for some of my 5k last year.

I even got a medal for running this time, which may have made me a little too happy. I've never gotten a medal before so I kind of love this one.

Overall, it was a great experience and I'm really happy with how well it went. I may be a tiny bit hooked on running now and feel the need to make this a yearly event. Bring it on!