Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

I love how in life, such small things can take you by surprise and bring pleasure. I finally figured out why my teacher hadn't responded to my e-mails. He had in fact, just through the confusing way of my online course. And of course I couldn't find out how to read them. So he very nicely forwarded them to my regular e-mail account. He always had positive feedback to my previous assignments I handed in and wrote a very kind response to my "I had a miscarriage and my life is falling apart and I can't get the assignments in on time" e-mail. He told me that he was very sorry and that he couldn't even begin to imagine what I was going through and to take a bit of time to get my life back in order. And then he gave me an extension! I have until April 1st to hand in my last two assignments.
The reason why I am pleasantly surprised is that this whole online course thing has been frustrating from the beginning. I have never liked my teacher and felt that he wasn't doing a good job. I still have bitter feelings towards the course in general but my teacher surprised me. And I like it when people surprise me. It makes me realize that people are usually better than you think and you shouldn't judge others. So now I feel a little better and will spend the next week and a half working hard on my homework. When given a second chance, you must take it. You never know how many chances you will get.

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