Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Help

I have decided that is is time to see a counsellor. I think I need some help to get out of this place that I'm in. It took me a while to come to terms with that fact that seeking counselling isn't a sign of weakness. For some reason I have always felt that counselling was for those who were weak. I don't know. A part of me was embarrassed to admit that I may need some help. It took me a while to even ask a friend if she knew of any Christian counsellors in the area. And it also took me a while to get up the nerve to make the phone call. But I did. I have an appointment for tomorrow at 6:30pm. to see if I like her and can work with her. I'm really hoping that it goes well and this will help me to start feeling better. I need to heal in some areas of my life. The grief from my miscarriages have triggered some other hidden feelings that have surfaced their ugly faces. I also have a lot of bitterness and jealousy inside that needs to be dealt with before it overtakes me. I am really hoping that this will be a positive thing and will help me down the path of healing. June is starting out well I think.

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