Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain on my Parade

I feel a little defeated. You see, I'm having a good day. I went to my appointment with my family doctor and she is very nice. It was just a get to know you meeting and we discussed my health. She didn't really say anything amazing but I came home inspired to be a healthier me. I know that with my past two pregnancies, drinking my milk and taking my folic acid and eating flax seed didn't help at all with the outcome. I felt like it was a slap in the face. And so, for the past couple of months I have completely let myself go. When I get depressed I tend not to eat instead of comfort eat. I still have my comfort foods (Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Welch's fruit gummies, and mini eggs) but I tend to not eat well. Today I felt motivated to get myself back into good shape and health. I'm not going to go crazy and eat buttered tofu (don't worry mom) but I plan on trying to improve my eating habits. So I went grocery shopping and I bought good snacks that I can bring to work. For example, cucumbers & tzaziki, celery & peanut butter, yogurt & granola, crackers & cheese, and fruit. I am feeling good about this.

Another thing I wanted to work on was exercise. More like just getting off my butt. I am so out of shape. Not that I've ever been in shape, but today it hit me. I was walking up a slight incline on the way back to my car and called Dan to tell him how my appointment went. By the time I reached the car, Dan asked if I was okay. He said I sounded winded. And I was. Embarrassingly enough, a small hill, a moderate pace, and me talking on the phone completely winded me. It was then that I realized I have to get moving more. So this evening, I decided to go for a walk. Dan was out and I ran out of boxes to pack in. So I grabbed my keys and cellphone and headed out into the cool evening for a walk around the block. Literally 2 minutes down the road and it started raining. Not like a light drizzle that I could continue walking in but a steady heavy rain. I only had a sweater on so I turned back. Now I feel a little discouraged. So much for my motivation. Maybe it will continue over into tomorrow...


  1. Hi Jennie
    Great talking to you tonight ... too short with a horrible phone connection but great none the less.
    Your parents are at a concert at the Piggery tonight so I'm trying to test posting a comment ... so totally off topic but trying
    Catch you later

  2. It worked! That's weird that it doesn't for Mom's though... Hopefully you get it figured out.