Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feeling Optimistic Today

Today I am actually feeling relatively normal. Wait, let me reword that. This afternoon I am actually feeling relatively normal. Some of you already know but others may not, but I've been sick for over 3 weeks now. It's just an upset stomach, feeling nauseous, overall crappy kind of feeling. Oh, and add in some pain in my lower ribcage and you've got one happy camper. I was pretty sure I was dying. Not quite, but I complained a lot. After a week of feeling like this, I went to the doctor. Not my doctor because she was on vacation but the extended hours doctor. He thought it might be GERD. So he told me to take Zantac and see if it helped. Well, it helped with the ribcage pain but I still feel nauseous and crappy. So yesterday I went to see my doctor and she thinks it's some virus that I caught. She gave me a stronger antacid and sent me for bloodwork. I have a follow up in 2 weeks. Hopefully we can get this under control and I can go back to being healthy little me. Wow, that was quite the intro. All this to say that this afternoon I feel normal(ish). Maybe its the meds or maybe I'm on the mend. We'll see.

I'm also feeling optimistic about life in general. Yes, Dan and I would like kids. And yes, some days that feeling is overwhelming, but today it's not. Today I am content with our situation in life. We have a beautiful house and a beautiful dog, we both have good jobs, and we are saving up some money. We have each other and right now, that's all I really need. Having a baby would be great but it would also throw a lot of change into our little lifestyle we have built. And I will take the change anyday. But for now I am enjoying this stage. This stage that we have as a couple, being able to have date nights and hang out together just the two of us. We can work on budgeting and getting used to owning a house and the expenses that come with it. We can do some projects that we have lined up. We can go on fun vacations together. We are just a couple and that is good. Couples are good. We are our own little family. You don't need kids to make a family. There is Dan, me, and Mia. We are our own little family. And we can be a blessing to others. We can use our gift of hospitality and open up our house and invite others in. August has been a crazy month for company and it will continue to be so until the end. Basically every weekend has been and will be filled up with people coming and staying at our house. While it's exhausting and it's nice to have our house to ourselves again, it's rewarding having people there. I thrive off of people.

Maybe it's the fact that summer is coming to a close and the school year is starting up and this is the time of year that I always feel motivated. I feel like it's a new start as we get back into the grind of things. New things are happening. I am taking two online courses towards my accounting certificate. Once these two are done I will only have three more to go! Hopefully by the end of next summer I will be done. I'm excited for these. I know that once the first few weeks are over I will begin to dread these courses because that's the way it always is. But a benefit of completing this certificate is that in the future, when we have kids and I will be a stay-at-home mom, I can use these skills to bring in some extra income. I could do payroll for some smaller companies. Just a few hours a week can bring in a bit of extra cash. That is something happy to think about. Because since today I am being optimistic, I say when we have kids, not if. We will have kids.

This weekend I plan on buying five dozen corn and freezing them. I need to build up my freezer supply again. I almost cried this spring when we ate our last bag of corn. I love corn. I could live off of corn. So, even though it is a lot of work, I plan on freezing five dozen again. To me, it is worth it. I'm also going to try and freeze some other vegetables. I have zucchini already in the freezer and some beans. I need to do more of both. I want to get broccoli and beets frozen as well. The fruits won't be as much this year. We didn't go strawberry or raspberry picking so we will have to make do with the leftovers from last year. I did freeze some peaches though. Maybe I should get more...

Alright. This post has become ridiculously long. I just feel happy and content and wanted to get it all out. Hopefully you didn't get too bored while reading...

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