Friday, September 16, 2011

Mish Mash

Sorry to all my faithful followers who have been lacking in updates. I kind of suck at this whole blogging thing, if you hadn't noticed. Oh well. It's more for me than you, so I hope you aren't too disappointed. :P

I'm still sick and feeling more and more discouraged with each passing day. I feel like it's never going to end and I'll just be sick forever. I'm still losing weight and still feeling like crap 98% of the time. It just overall sucks. So that has been getting me down. And I just feel like whenever I write, it's always about the same thing. I'm sick, my life is still good, and I'm not pregnant. That's about it. I never really have anything good to write about. Whenever I start to feel better and think that maybe life can go back to normal, I have another set back. There is no point in feeling motivated and wanting to do anything productive. I have no energy and can't really get anything done around the house. Consequently, my house is a disaster. I finally broke down and vacuumed tonight, it had been over 3 weeks. The floor still needs to be mopped but vacuuming took up all my energy for the night. Now I just feel like curling up in front of a movie. But, I have a to do list for this weekend and I at least want to make a good dent in it. Dan bought me some big rubbermaid containers so that I could get started on sorting out the storage room. I kept saying that I would do it once we had some containers but now that we have containers... I don't really feel like doing it. Maybe tomorrow...

Something crazy that I have volunteered to do this year is host Thanksgiving dinner for Dan's side of the family. There will be 10 of us for dinner. While that's not a huge number, it's definitely bigger than my normal two. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should start by planning a menu and figuring out a schedule. We also need to pick up some more folding chairs and get a bigger table. And some more dishes... Maybe I shouldn't have volunteered for this. But it will be fun. And I think it's important for family to get together and celebrate holidays together. I'm all about family and traditions. I think that I might also start planning some decorations and how I will make my house look pretty. Some of the people coming have never seen our house and some haven't seen it since moving day. I want it to look nice for them. I won't go all out our anything. Maybe just some decorations for the table and a pot of mums for the counter. I plan on going cheap. I'm really into DIY things and cheap projects lately. It's great fun. I'm making all my own Christmas gifts this year and I'm having lots of fun coming up with ideas and shopping and working on them. I'm already half way done my moms gift and just about done my two nieces gifts. It's quite exciting. I know it's only September but I wanted to get started on them early so that I'm not rushed near the end. And it keeps me busy while I'm feeling dreadful all the time.

Now that I've written a nice little bit, I'm going to go and do something more productive with my time. Like eat supper, do the dishes, and get started on that storage room! (Or I may just end up watching a movie)

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