Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today, I feel almost a tiny bit close to maybe normal. That's a stretch. But, I am feeling a little bit okay today. I have eaten more today than I have in a while. And I even ate supper! Wow. Like a meal. I ate rice with chicken, carrots, and green beans. Yum! And it was yummy!!! I probably could have eaten a bunch more but I thought I would start with a small amount and see how that settled. My tummy feels a little funny but not too bad. Yet. So, hopefully all will be okay and I'll still feel sort of good tomorrow too. We shall see.

I'm also feeling a little bit better emotionally. Just a little bit. I'm still depressed about being sick but I'm trying to think positive. My mom told me that it isn't healthy to dwell on the crappy things and try and think of good things. So I'm trying. Here is my list of good things from today.
  • I didn't feel too too sick
  • I went for a short walk
  • Dan brought me beautiful flowers at work
  • I ate a tasty supper
  • There is a beautiful fall rain outside and it sounds delightful
  • My diamond ring is sparkly
  • I did my homework and it didn't take me that long
  • It's Wednesday which means the week is more than half over
There, I think that's a decent sized list. I'm in a happy mood and I will now go off and work on my Christmas presents. Have a good evening to anyone who may be reading!

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  1. so encouraging sweetie! Ienjoyed the pics you put on f.b. too. love you so much.