Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What makes you independent? That is my question of the day. I don't feel very independent. I feel like I always have someone around and I always have someone to lean on. I don't ever do anything by myself, I never go on adventures by myself or do anything brave. I've never lived alone or been alone. Sometimes all of these things make me feel weak and pathetic. Poor pathetic Jenn who can't even do something by herself. I don't feel independent. At all. But, as my husband lovingly pointed out, it doesn't make me weak and pathetic. It means that I need someone, that I need him. And there is nothing wrong with doing things with someone else. We are married and we go through life together. Yes, things will come up where we will have to learn to be independent and do something by ourselves but for the most part, we are together. And that is okay. And really, I think doing things by yourself is overrated. I'm sure it gets lonely sometimes. And I hate being lonely.

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