Saturday, January 7, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

Here are my goals for 2012. I think I made them relatively attainable. I'll do a recap in December to see if I met them all or not.

1. Gain 10 pounds
2. Top off emergency fund to $15,000
3. Put an extra $20,000 on mortgage
4. Make more meals at home
5. Have a vegetable garden
6. Walk more
7. Go camping
8. Finish re-doing living room furniture
9. Have a monthly "date" with Dan
10. Make my own cleaning supplies
11. Get life insurance
12. Get better!


  1. Hey Ginny! I think they are all quite attainable! Good for you. I only had 2 goals for 2012: learn how to drive standard and move more! :)

  2. Two goals is better than no goals. And they are very good goals. I have total faith in your attaining those goals. :)