Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why God?

Why do you let good people go through such heart wrenching loss? I don't understand it. And maybe I don't want to understand. A friend/acquaintance from The Bump just lost her 3 month old son to SIDS yesterday. This woman has been through so much. She lost triplets and now this. She finally got her rainbow baby in September only to have him taken away from her. I can't even imagine the pain she and her husband are going through right now. My heart aches for them and I feel so useless. It makes me rethink my priorities and reminds me that I should be thankful for each day I have with my loved ones.

If you are reading this, please send out a prayer for my friend and her husband. They will need all the prayers and strength they can get as they learn to face each day without their son.

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