Monday, April 16, 2012

Internist Update!

So I know I said I'd come back and post all about my birthday and share pictures of my gifts but... I haven't yet. Oops. Really though, are you surprised? Remember that 30 day blog challenge I started? Ya, not the greatest at keeping up with posts. Oh well. I'll still try and get around to posting about my birthday once I'm at home with access to my pictures. Until then, deal.

So, I have a happy update! I finally got my appointment scheduled with the internist! It's for June 25th which is great considering the last time I talked to them they said they were booking appointments into August. I'll take June over August any day. And really, two months isn't that long of a wait. June will be here before we know it! In the meantime though, since I'm not a patient person, I have scheduled an appointment with a naturopath. I figured it couldn't hurt and since I could get in with them so much sooner than an internist, I made the appointment. April 25th is the day they gave me, which is like next week. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork for them and it's pretty detailed so that's encouraging. I've never been to a naturopath before and I'm not quite sure what to expect. And to be honest, I'm a little skeptical. But, I'm willing to give it a shot. If they can help me feel better, I'll take it! I can't just sit around being sick for the rest of my life without at least trying to help myself. It's got to be something fixable, something that I can do to help my insides be happier. If it's a change of diet, I'll do it. If it's a change of exercise, I'll do it. At this point, I'm almost willing to do anything. I can't even remember what it feels like to go an entire day without feeling sick. I'm determined that I will get better!

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