Monday, May 28, 2012

Grow Garden Grow!

So here's a little tidbit of information about me. I think flower gardening is stupid and a waste of time. I'm sorry to all the flower gardeners out there but I just feel like it's a lot of work just for something to look pretty. Maybe I'll change me mind eventually but for now, I'm just too lazy to do it. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice flower garden. And to be honest, I'm also slightly jealous of nice flower gardens. I also know that it can transform a yard into something beautiful and for this reason, I may have to take it up eventually. But for this summer at least, my gardens are going wild. They have flowers and things growing in them and some people do compliment me on them, but I haven't put an ounce of effort into them. Mayne next summer? I keep saying that once Mia dies, then I might make them nice. It's hard to keep nice gardens with a crazy little puppy barreling through them on a regular basis. I am enjoying the flowers that are popping up in my gardens this spring though and I thought I would share some pictures of what's blooming right now.

These are my giant hostas that are taking over my garden
So there you have it, my leftover flowers from the previous owners. Not bad, eh? Oh, and did I mention how much I love my new camera? It takes such fabulous pictures!

Okay, so now onto the gardening that I do like. Vegetable gardening! Now this type has a purpose: food. I love that all the work I put into it has a result, and that is yummy tasty veggies on my table and in my freezer come late summer. Oh how happy this makes me! Here are a couple pictures of my cute little veggies just popping through the soil.

My happy onions! They were the first to pop out of the ground.

One of my bean plants

Cute little peas


Our nicely fenced garden
Now for some bonus pictures! I figured that I should give some updated pictures of Mia and our chickens.


The laying hens

Our "fatty McFatties"
 And just because I'm in a good mood today and was enjoying everything, I thought I would share a picture of the pretty blue sky that I snapped.


  1. I love the idea of growing vegetables but lack the patience. Garden looks great!

  2. the garden looks great! grow veggies grow!