Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been a little while...

I kind of fell off the giving thanks bandwagon and sucked for a little while. Oops! But I have started up my list again, I just haven't had time to transfer it from paper to blog. Sorry I got a little behind, I will try and do better.

Thankful List
   100. Buttercups on the roadside

    101. The grace of a blue heron taking off
    102. Dragonflies
    103. Fireflies flickering in the dark trees
    104. Pretty purple flowers
    105. Irises in bloom
    106. Fat raindrops on my windshield
    107. Trees blowing in the wind
    108. Thunderstorms
    109. New office chairs
    110. Air conditioning in the car
    111. Farmers fields
    112. Daisies
    113. Surprise butter tarts 
    114. Ceiling fans on hot nights
    115. Running water
    116. Turtles in my yard and in the swamp
    117. New business referrals

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