Friday, May 18, 2012

Our New "Pets"

On a beautiful sunshine filled day back in April, we picked up our 10 new little pets. Chicks!!!
They were so tiny and so cute and so fuzzy. We spent the next couple of hours playing with them and introducing them to Mia. She was a little concerned at first but she soon warmed up to them.
This is our first time having chicks and we were a little scared of killing them off within the first few days. Other than a small incident with the heat lamp and the shavings, we haven't killed them yet! It's been a full month and we still have 10 little chicks. Well, they aren't so little anymore.
A week old and growing their wings
Losing their yellow fluff and going bald
The meat birds are little fatties

Two of the laying hens playing on the ramp
So there, those are the newest members of our household. But come August we'll be done five... but we'll be eating five delicious chicken dinners this winter!