Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crockpot Freezer Cooking

I am proud of myself. After many months of procrastinating, I actually froze four crockpot meals. I've had it on my to do list for a couple months and kept thinking how great it would be to have meals in the freezer for those days when I don't have time to cook something but I never got around to it. First, I wanted to do it with a friend. I figured it would be more fun that way and many hands make light work. But after that fell through, I put it off even longer. Then, I was too cheap to actually pay full price for the meat needed in the recipes so I wanted to wait until they came on sale. Long story short, I finally prepared four meals this weekend. Ideally, I would have preferred to do more than four but alas, only chicken was on sale so my other recipes will have to wait.

It was so easy and fast! I probably spent a total of an hour, if that, in the kitchen preparing these meals from start to finish. And I feel so accomplished now! I would highly recommend doing this. I can't say anything about the recipes yet since I haven't actually tasted them but they looked good. So I'm sure they'll be delicious.

I made two bags of each recipe. I made Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken from Mama and Baby Love and Chicken Teriyaki from Ring Around the Rosies. I do plan on trying some more recipes down the road but for now, these are the two I started with.

Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken, ready for the freezer!

All the ingredients for chicken teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki ready for the freezer
I just wanted to pop back in and say that I have now tasted one of the recipes. I popped the Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken bag into the crockpot yesterday and we ate it for supper. Once it was all done, I realized it was a lot more watery that I had thought it would be so I made the impromptu decision to serve it over rice. Which tasted fine to me. I did find it to be a little lacking in flavour so I may try adding more spices next time. But overall, I was pleased with how it turned out.

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