Monday, July 2, 2012

Gardens, Chickens, Fireworks and the moon

Alrighty, I'm going to try and kick off the month of July with some good old fashioned happy posts! But since I'm a little behind, this will be a post of multiple things. First off, I was asked by a dear friend to post some updated garden pictures. So here you go!

The sick chicken in it's makeshift pen

Our garden freshly weeded!

Happy bright lettuce

Crazy onions

Carrots (I know they still need to be thinned)

Bush beans


Basil (I bought the big one and planted the smaller ones)

Our peas climbing their fence

My one cucumber plant

Bell Peppers

I spy some green tomatoes!

A frontal view of the garden

A meat bird and a laying hen

A fat meat bird, ready for slaughter
There, some updated pictures of my garden and chickens. The garden is growing like crazy and it makes me so happy. I love seeing things grow and know that I will be eating fresh veggies from it soon! The meat birds are going to be killed tomorrow so we will have five chickens to put in our freezer. Well, 4 1/2. We had a slight problem with one which involved maggots. That's all I will say on that matter.

Yesterday was Canada Day and to celebrate we went and watched the fireworks. They were beautiful and so much fun. I haven't seen fireworks in at least two years. The best part of the fireworks here is that they light them off from the middle of the lake in town. So we all gather around the water to watch. It gets so crowded and the cars are parked for miles around. Fortunately for us, we have a motorcycle. :D So we just ride up to wherever we want, park our bike between two parked cars, and sit on it to enjoy the show. We got there a little early so we got to hear the ending of the concert that was going on beforehand. It was nice to cuddle on the bike while listening to music and then getting to watch the firework display.

On the way home I thoroughly enjoyed the moon. It is almost full (will be tomorrow) and it was such a clear beautiful night. It just hung in the sky, shining, beautiful, breathtaking. It made me happy. Which now leads me to an update on my thankful list! I've gotten really bad at writing things down. I will be out and about and think of something but by the time I'm near pen and paper, I have forgotten what it was. I will try and do better, really I will.

Thankful List
   118. A rainbow shining through the clouds

   119. Homemade muffins
   120. Clean bathrooms
   121. Chicken broth boiling on the stove
   122. Blogs with yummy recipes
   123. The way the world looks through my sunglasses
   124. M&M cookies
   125. Chivalry from a coworker
   126. Pink Island
   127. Family vacations
   128. Strawberry season
   129. Full moon on a clear night

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