Friday, August 17, 2012

A Mish-Mash of Adventures and Life

Just a warning, this post is going to be random and full of pictures. I was going through my camera and realized we had done some fun things that I have never blogged about. And while I could technically do them all in separate posts, I'm lazy. I know that if I try and divide them up I won't actually get around to posting everything and I'll get behind in new stuff. So to save me time, I am mish-mashing it all together. I figured you guys wouldn't be too sad since really, who doesn't love some good pictures? I thought so.

First up, we bought some more chickens! You see, back in April we ordered 10 baby chicks. We ordered five meat birds and five laying hens. We sent the five meat birds off for slaughter the beginning of July and they are now nicely situated in our freezer awaiting the fall/winter months. As the cute little laying hens got bigger and bigger, we soon realized they were not all made to lay. Three out of our five were roosters! Roosters are of no use to us and all they did was eat our food and crow super early in the morning. Needless to say, they didn't last long. Bye bye roosters! Which then left us with two laying hens. Two layings hens =/= many eggs. So we decided to buy some new ready to lay birds. We ordered five of them and got them mid-July. We lost one the first day though. It ran away and even though there were many attempts made to find it and bring it back safely to the coop, it didn't happen. Oh well. We now have a total of 6 laying hens and that's good enough for us!

Pretty new ready to lay hen

Our very first egg we got the very first day!
Next up is a small adventure we took one Sunday afternoon. Dan had just finished doing some work on our car and we needed to take it for a test drive. We had fun.

Here is my car

Here is us ready for our adventure!
 We were exploring new roads and came across this. The further along the road we went, the less road like it looked. More like a trail. And then we came upon this sign!

Ganaraska Forest!
 Much to my chagrin and horror, Dan continued on. I was determined we would be caught and fined for driving on these trails in this forest with a car. There were a couple signs saying cars weren't allowed. Dan was in his glory and I was too terrified to actually enjoy the beauty of the forest. Good thing I snapped a picture to show how nice it really was in there.

Pretty trails we (illegally) drove on
 After finally leaving the forest and having my heart come back down to a normal level, we continued our drive on legal roads. It was beautiful out and a perfect day for a drive.

Beautiful old barn with perfect clouds in the sky
Now onto the next adventure! Geocaching! Dan bought a geocaching app for his phone a little while back and keeps trying to convince me to go with him. The only problem is that the first few times I've been, we have been unsuccessful. And for some reason wandering around aimlessly looking for something that we can never seem to find while fighting off the mosquitos just doesn't seem appealing. But he convinced me to go with him one more time. He promised it would be fun. And it was!

All ready to go!

Figuring out the coordinates...
 The best part of this geocaching adventures was that I found the cache! I was so excited and felt so accomplished. It's amazing what small things can bring such pleasure.

Super stoked to have found the cache!

Camouflaged in the tree
 It was fun and I did enjoy myself. Enough to even go again with Dan. We also documented that one with pictures but I don't have them on my computer right now. Maybe I'll post them later, maybe I'll forget. Either way, geocaching is a fun way to spend some time together. You should try it.

Next on the list of fun relaxing things to do was fishing! We have the use of a small 14' aluminum boat and a river close by. Dan convinced me to go fishing with him one evening and I'm so glad he did. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Me fishing hard

Dan fishing (for real, unlike me)

Gorgeous time of night

Do you see the stork blue heron?
The thing about fishing is that I'm not like boys (and some girls). I cast a few times and then I get bored. I can fish for 15 minutes, not 3 hours. So I need to bring something to entertain me while Dan continues to fish. I have realized, from experience, that Dan isn't too impressed when 20 minutes into our fishing trip I'm announcing I'm ready to head home. I came prepared this time with a book, a blanket, and multiple life jackets to help with the comfort level.

My book of choice - A book about my family history

Dan caught a tiny little fish on our way home. Hooray for not getting skunked!
I think I'll end it here. I don't want to bore you all too much with details about our life. Coming up next will be a garden update and my attempt at harvesting it!


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  2. This post makes me particularly happy because I can imagine your reactions to each event. :)