Friday, August 31, 2012

Barrel Potatoes = Failure

I guess you can't win them all. After bragging about how well our garden was doing and how successful we had been for our first year, I'm sad to report our first failure. Barrel potatoes were not as amazing as we had hoped. Back in the spring my friend sent me a link on how to grow potatoes in a barrel. It looked easy enough and we figured that it would save us space and if it worked, bonus! So we followed the instructions carefully and planted our potatoes in a garbage can. They grew and we kept filling it with dirt and watering it faithfully. I thought we would be semi-successful since there were at least four healthy looking plants. But not so.

Don't worry, I documented it all in pictures so I could blog about it.

Getting ready to tip over our barrel
Hooray, a potato!
Hmm... not looking too promising. At all.

We found a few small potatoes

And this folks, is our entire potato crop of 2012
 We were so sad. We were expecting more than that and not even being able to fill a hand was very disappointing. It also doesn't help that we were depending on these potatoes for supper. Sad and hungry is not a good combination.

So sad
 But we made the most of it. We headed inside and fried up some eggs to go with our pathetic amount of potatoes and some green beans. We even got to use some of our oddly shaped eggs.

Three very different sizes

A double yolker and a yolkless one

Our meal for the evening
 But something we did discover after cooking up our food. This entire meal was all ours! Everything on our plate was from our yard. So that made it a little more exciting.

Hooray for home-grown goodness!
Maybe we'll have better luck next year?

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