Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one. Dan was gone camping with a friend and I decided to keep myself plenty occupied so as not to feel too lonely. It sort of worked. I still sleep like crap when he's gone though so now I'm exhausted. Oh well. He's back now so hopefully I will be feeling more rested soon.

I had Friday evening, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday to fill. The original plan for this weekend was to just take time to myself to relax and do some lazy stuff, maybe have a girls weekend. At least that's what my therapist suggested. But here's the problem. I don't have many friends. :( And sitting around doing nothing by yourself all weekend doesn't sound that exciting. Another thing I have discovered in the past two weeks of simplifying and canning and homemaking, I enjoy it. A lot. I feel that when I'm doing stuff around the house and being productive, it puts me in a good mood. I've been feeling better both physically and emotionally these past two weeks and I'm contributing it to what I have been doing at home. Being at home makes me happy and being productive makes me feel accomplished. So that was what I did all weekend. Here are a couple pictures I snapped in between my productivity.

Friday I worked all day so I didn't get too much done around the house. I did make myself some french toast for supper and did dishes and overall cleaned up. Here is a picture I snapped of my kitchen once it was cleaned. Take note of the giant mound of tomatoes to the left of the sink and the chicken thawing on the other side. It makes me happy. I like to call this my working kitchen.

My working kitchen
Saturday was busier and I got a lot done before noon. I did two loads of laundry and you can see them here hanging on the line. I love having a clothesline. There is something really nice about seeing the laundry flapping in the sunshine and wind. Saving energy and getting the nice outdoorsy smell at the same time. Ahh... contentment.

The big accomplishment of the weekend was freezing corn! I usually get Dan to help me with it but we are busy most weekends and I didn't want to miss the corn season. So I did it myself. I went to the Farmer's Market in the morning and purchased my 5 dozen corn. Which came in a giant bag that I could barely lift. The nice guy I bought it from helped me by using a dolly and getting it in my trunk. But then I came home and there was no nice strong man to help me at this end. Only a cute little dog. But I did it! I got Dan's dolly and heaved and wiggled and somehow managed to get it out of the trunk. That was an accomplishment in itself. I then set myself up in the coolness of the garage with some music to keep me company before setting to work husking it all. As you can see, I had company throughout the whole thing.


 I then moved inside to set up my stations and get to work boiling, cutting, bagging and freezing!
My wall of corn

Cobs cooling in the sink

My inside work station

Cute me, working hard

Most awesome method for cutting the corn off the cob
Now you'll have to forgive me for not getting a picture of the finished product. After cutting corn off of 63 cobs of corn, my hand was numb, my arms sore, my feet aching and I was also hot and sweaty. I just wanted to be done. So I happily threw all the corn in the freezer before realizing I didn't get a picture of it bagged on the counter. Oops! So just imagine 54 bags of corn lined up all nice and neat. I used old milk bags in order to save money and I put a perfect Dan & Jennie sized portion in each bag. The milk bag thing is a trick my mommy taught me. Waste not, want not.

I collected the eggs on Saturday and chuckled at the size of one of the white ones. It's the size of a quarter, I swear. So tiny!

Itsy bitsy egg
 As a welcome home meal to the boys who had been camping all weekend, I lovingly prepared a roast chicken. This is the first of our very own chickens that we have eaten. It turned out really good! I even made apple pie for dessert but once again forgot to get a picture. We were too busy eating it to remember.

Our first chicken from our flock
That about sums up my weekend. Throw in some dishes, some reading, some church-going and some phone chats and that's basically got it covered. Oh wait, one more important thing I forgot. You can't have a successful weekend without the hubs without some of this!


  1. That chicken pot pie looks amazing :) I love the rest of the pics too!!! It's smart to stop and enjoy those little things.

  2. Wow, I can't believe you lifted that giant bag of corn all by yourself! You go girl! I'm so in awe of all your homemaking skills!

  3. Mr.Darcy <3
    I wish we had been able to do our corn together!