Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camp Out in the Backyard

Sorry that this is a little later, story of my life. It's just been a busy week and a half and I didn't get around to posting. But better late than never right? As I mentioned in a previous post, my therapist told me I had to come up with some fun activities to do and then do them. My first choice of an activity was to go camping in our backyard. The reason why we chose our backyard is because I'm still not feeling well enough to go trekking out into the wild with no bathrooms. Backyards are safe and close to home in case I did get sick. Also, we bought this tent the end of summer 2010 and have never used it. It was time to pull it out and set that baby up!

We chose a Friday night for our camp out since we wouldn't have to rush to work the next day. Unfortunately for us though, we also chose one of the hottest days of the year. It was in the high 30's most of the day. So while setting up the tent, we nearly melted. Considering setting up a tent isn't that much physical activity, we really shouldn't have been soaked through by the end of it. Or maybe we should have waited until the sun was a little lower in the sky. Either way, we had the tent set up and ready to go, the firewood piled by the fire, and our sleeping bags unrolled by 6pm.

Mia and I all ready to set up the tent!

You can't really tell from this pic, but I am a big puddle of sweat.
We then went back inside for showers and supper and then hid in the basement watching TV until after 8pm. I know that watching TV isn't what you normally do on a camping trip but we just couldn't handle the heat quite yet. Once the sun had dipped behind the house, we came back out to play some board games in the tent. We thought that was a little more camp out style.

It was still a little warm in the tent but definitely more tolerable.

Playing mancala
We also played Farkle but forgot to take some picture of it. I beat Dan at mancala, 2 out of the 3 times we played and then he completely crushed me in Farkle. After our games, we headed out to start the campfire and make s'mores.

Our campsite

Dan making s'mores

Me roasting my marshmallow

Yummy s'mores!
After the s'mores and sitting by the campfire for a bit, we hit the sack. And I must say, the whole idea of camping is so much nicer than the actual camping. Sleeping on the ground? Not so much fun. We didn't sleep that well and woke up multiple times in the night. A couple factors played into the restless nights sleep which included: hard ground, mosquitos buzzing around the tent, Mia wandering around outside, and an early rising sun. It was still fun but I was kind of glad for morning to come and that we weren't doing this for multiple nights. One night of camping is good for me.

The other great thing about camping in your own backyard, meals are so much easier! We didn't need to pack anything. For breakfast we headed inside, got what we wanted, and then came back out to enjoy the early morning sunshine. It was heavenly.

Enjoying our breakfast in the sunshine

Our noble dog (begging for food of course)
There you have it folks. The recap of our camp out in the back yard. All in all it was a fun adventure and I definitely think it qualifies as relaxing fun time that I enjoyed. If you have a tent and a decent sized backyard, I definitely recommend it!


  1. I can see why you'd camp in your backyard! It's beautiful!!! What a fun way to spend the night with your husband :)

  2. How fun! I love your honesty too - and I totally agree that it would be nice to run inside for a shower :) I'm totally drooling looking at the picture of your s'mores!