Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crazy Amounts of Baking and Other Tales

I had a busy weekend. A childhood friend, K, came to visit and we did a crazy amount of baking in preparation for Dan's hometown agricultural fair. I am entering into the Home Crafts division and I plan on winning at least something. So in order to do that, I needed to enter a bunch of different categories, it ups my chances that way. Normally I would have started this baking a little earlier in the summer and did one thing at a time and then froze my entries and ate the rest. But with the heat and being sick, I just didn't get around to it. Well, the fair is in 2 days now. So this past weekend, I put my friend to work! Just a warning, this post is going to be a little heavy with picturs. We may have gotten camera happy.

Day 1: We tackled the cookie section of my baking list. We got out the recipes for three kinds of cookies: Oatmeal Raisin, Ginger Crackles and Chocolate Chip! It was 82 degrees in the house and probably even hotter in the kitchen. We managed t not die and even stay cute looking!

K and I ready to bake!

Our awesome set up to make the most of our time

Oatmeal raisin cookies ready for the oven

Ginger Crackles

Chocolate Chip

We then got a little bored while waiting for our cookies to bake. Some of them took 15 minutes per cookie sheet, so we had to entertain ourselves. First, we played MASH because we're like 15 again. It was so much fun to revert back to our youth for a few minutes. And the results are always entertaining. :P

Our future lives, according to MASH
 Then we pulled out the awesome scrapbook K and another friend, J, made for me when I left for college. It is full of awesome pictures and memories.

Exhibit A: How awesome are we?
And now for the finished products of day one!

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Ginger Crackles

Chocolate chip!

That completed day one. We had some other adventures thrown in there as well but they weren't all documented on camera. Bring on day two!
Day 2: We attacked the rest of my baking list. This included banana loaf, banana muffins, lemon squares, brownies, cupcakes and chocolate cake. We were also smarter this day and started baking by 8:30am so we got most of it done in the cool of the day.

Setup for day 2, notice the extra bowl?

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Tammi's Deep Chocolate Cake
 We weren't as good at taking prep pictures this day. I blame it on being tired and overwhelmed with large amounts of baking. Or it was a left over sugar coma from the day before.


Banana Bread

Lemon Squares

Brownies (they will be iced before the fair)

Cupcakes! (Also to be iced)

All in all it was a successful baking experience. It was nice to have K there to keep me company and help with the baking and dishes. I didn't make her work the whole time though. We also watched Sweet Home Alabama, painted our nails, sat on our front porch, and talked! It was so great to catch up and remember the good ol' days. One of the highlights of the visit was reading entries from my diary that I kept of my 16th year. It was hilarious to read and kept us laughing for many hours. Oh to be young and dramatic again! Everything was the end of the world. Thanks for visiting K!

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