Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Fair Winnings!

So remember last week how I blogged about my crazy amounts of baking I was doing for the Agricultural Fair? Well, I did good! Every single item that I entered (except for one) placed. I am quite pleased with how I did and I am now here to flaunt it. But really, I should be proud. I worked hard and I did well. I had to work on the Friday so I sent all my baked goods and garden produce with Dan that morning. All the entries had to be in before noon and I couldn't make it out until 8:00pm. Here is a picture of all my stuff that morning!

My entries the morning of the fair
Of course when I arrived that night Dan was trying to be all funny and not tell me anything about what I won. It took me a good 10 minutes to convince him that I NEEDED to know immediately and I couldn't wait until the next morning to find out. He finally caved and told me all that he could remember. It was good enough for me. Here is how I did!

Display of Baking - 1st
Ripe Tomatoes - 1st
Green Tomatoes - 1st
Brown eggs - 1st
Oatmeal cookies - 1st
Chocolate cake - 2nd
Banana Bread - 2nd
Banana Muffins - 2nd
Carrots - 2nd
Chocolate Chip cookies - 3rd
Brownies - Didn't place

Dan was really excited about how we did with our garden produce and eggs. Our tomatoes are pretty awesome, if I dare say so myself. Overall though, we did good!

My entries with their winning tags.
The rest of the fair was also good. While the weather wasn't ideal and we got rained out a couple times during the day, overall it went really well. I helped out at the information booth for most of the day and Dan was in charge of the nail driving competition. We did get a couple chances to wander around and sample some food. Here are a few pictures that I snapped.

I love corn!

The pretty oxen. They were doing wagon rides later in the day.

Cute baby goats

Live music playing throughout the day

Model train set up

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! And it looks like a great time :)