Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Great Relish Adventure

It's time, time to tell you all about our adventures of making relish. Let's start from the beginning... Probably around last Monday, I mentioned to Dan that I wanted to make more relish this year. The last time we made our relish was 2009 and we only had 2 jars left. That wouldn't last us another whole year so I wanted to make some more. We then continued on with our everday life and I thought nothing more of it. Until I arrived home from work on Wednesday. There on the counter sat a giant bag of cucumbers. Dan then informed me that the place he had been working at that day had an overabundance of cucumbers and when Dan mentioned to the owner how I wanted to make relish, the lady sent home a bag. I guess we were making relish now then!

We actually waited until Thursday night to start the process. We had a whole set up going and were quite efficient if I dare say so myself!

Day 1: First, we washed and chopped and then food processed all the veggies.

We are ready to roll!

Pretty colourful start to the relish

Chopping veggies
 It was shortly after 8:00pm that we realized we had too many veggies and not enough pot. Oops! This was our first time making a full recipe of this relish, as last time we had made a half recipe.

Too full :(
 Faced with this dilemna, we did what any normal crazy person would do. We rushed off to Canadian Tire to purchase a new pot! Let me just say though that it was now 8:15pm, we live 20 minutes outside of town, and Canadian Tire closes at 9:00pm. We didn't have any time to dilly dally.

After some discussion and looking at all the pros and cons to each pot, we decided on a sturdy 32L pot for the grand ol' price of $74.99. Ouch. That wasn't in the budget this month. But it was needed and it will last us for the rest of our relish making career. We hope.

The one on the left was the chosen pot!
 While we were out, I figured we may as well pick up some other needed supplies. More jars, new lids and some wooden spoons. Can you tell that I had just spent 2+ hours chopping veggies and it was now nearing my bed time?

Impromptu shopping!
 Upon returning home, we needed to finish chopping/processing the veggies. We were at the dreaded onion stage though and cried our way through it. Chopping onions sucks!

Cute baby onions from our garden

All the veggies chopped and ready to soak for the night!

I love my new pot.
We finally finished the prepping close to 10:00pm and once the veggies were safely soaking in their water & salt bath, we decided it was time for a reward. Chocolate cake here we come!

A little late night snack
That completed day one of the relish making adventure. We desperately needed sleep by this point and the veggies needed to soak. But don't worry, there's more coming!

Day 2: Time to add spices, cook and then can!

Preparing the "sauce"
 I must say something about our pot. It may hold a lot of veggies but it isn't the most convenient thing to wash. Or drain. Or stir. As we soon found out. Oh well. We made do!

Draining the pot was complicated

And so was stirring the contents!

Filling the jars with yummy relish
Ta da!!!! We were so proud of ourselves by the time we were done. Sixteen jars and all but one sealed. That's an accomplishment if I dare say so myself.

Our beautiful jars of Nanny's Sunshine Pickle!
 Oh, and while we were in the midst of all the canning and the jars were hot and the lids were soaked, I figured I would re-can the 4 jars of tomatos that didn't seal. Stupid jars. But I'm happy to say they all sealed this time. Except we mixed the 1/4 jar one into the next batch we did. We want full jars around here.

Moving on back to the tomatoes

4 jars turned into 3 1/4
So that my friends is our relish  making adventure. We had a ton of fun and laughed a lot and enjoyed working together. And it resulted in 16 beautiful jars of relish. Success!


  1. Wow, how awesome! We would probably be those crazy people running out at 8pm to buy a bigger pot too, lol. Your new pot is huge! That's a great accomplishment that you made so much food though - and yay for your tomato sauce jars sealing this time!

  2. Your relish looks great! I would love to get the recipe from you! Yay for late night "emergency" shopping...