Thursday, August 2, 2012

Therapy Update

I have now had two therapy sessions with my new counsellor so I figured it was time for an update. I like her. I like her a lot. She is friendly, easy to talk to, to the point, asks questions that make you think, and gives advice and tips. I think that this might actually work out. Since I've only gone twice, we haven't covered too too much but we've talked about where I am in life, where I would like to be, and how I'm coping with not being there. We've talked about my family and my life growing up, we've talked about my sickness and my frustrations with everyone around me being pregnant, and we've talked about my anger that I have towards someone in particular. I think that there will be more discussions on that last point, my anger. I need to work through it and figure out how to live with it and not let it consume me. This anger is something I have been struggling with for years now, it starting before any pregnancies added a whole new level. I just struggle with this person, a lot. So hopefully she will be able to help me with that.

She also told me I am too tightly wound and need to learn to de-stress. The homework I have been given for the next two weeks is to make a list of fun things that I like doing and then do them. Not to think about them too much or plan too much or stress too much, just do them. I realized after she gave me this assignment that it's a lot harder to do then I thought it would be. I keep trying to think of fun things that Dan and I can do together and I keep coming up blank. Man I suck. Has our lives come to this? That I struggle to come up with a list of fun things to do? I guess part of the problem is it can't be too big and it can't be too far and it can't be too expensive. So that limits it a little. I did come up with something though! Tomorrow night Dan and I will be camping out in our backyard! We are going to set up our 3 year old tent that has never been used, make a campfire, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and have a real live camping trip. With bathrooms of course. :)

I'll be sure to post pictures and a recap of our camping trip sometime next week.

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  1. Loving this, Jenn! Loving your delight in your new therapist (she sounds spot-on!), your renewed hope (in many ways), and your total ingenuity (I may have to kidnap DH for backyard camping soon!).

    So glad I have the privilege of stalking you... ;-)