Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bamboo Makeover

Back in August 2009, we attended my brother's wedding. Each table had a bamboo centerpiece and afterwards, they were sent home with different guests. We ended up with one of them and it has moved from apartment to apartment with us. It was just a small bamboo plant in a small glass vase. In our first apartment it lived on top of the microwave. In our second apartment it lived in the living room window. While it never exactly thrived, it also didn't die. Which was a big success for us since every single one of our other house plants slowly died off. It was the only living thing that survived our two basement apartments, besides us of course.

When we moved to our house last June, we placed in in the kitchen window above the sink. The picture below shows it a bit. Sorry for the dark photo, we weren't purposefully aiming for the bamboo.

Bamboo after we first moved in
As you can see, it was still pretty small and just barely reached the middle of the window. Well, the crazy bamboo LOVED it in that spot and grew and grew and grew. By this summer it had basically doubled in size and was towering in the windowsill. One of the problems of growing so much though, was that the small glass vase was just too small now. The heavy weight of the plant made it a little tippy. And to top it off, the bamboo was starting two new shoots! We decided it was time to transplant our happy little bamboo into a bigger vase.

So we documented the makeover for you, my lovely followers, knowing how much you love seeing pictures.

Our supplies for the bamboo makeover

The roots and the sludge overtook the whole thing. Can you even see the stones?

The new bigger glass vase!

Smashing the old glass vase

See all the shattered glass?

Carefully removing the glass from the roots

Brand spankin' new home with new stones!

Doesn't it look a little more proportionate now?

Back in its happy home

One of the new new shoots popping up through the stones
There is our bamboo makeover adventure. It was fun to see the results and it only took about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. So far the bamboo is happy in its new vase and seems to continue spreading out and growing. Hopefully it doesn't get too much bigger or we'll have to relocate it to a different window!

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