Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Grown

Something that I am especially enjoying about having my own garden is all the fresh veggies that I have at my disposal. It makes everything better. The other thing I'm loving? Having so many farms around to get local meat from. Oh, and the farmers market for all those veggies that I didn't grow. Such as potatoes.

Veggies for my shepherd's pie


Ready to go in the oven

Colourful layers

Hot and ready to eat!
My garden is coming up on the end of its season and soon I'll be out of all my wonderful fresh out of the garden vegetables. At least I have canned and frozen some of them so that we can enjoy the home grown goodness over the winter.

The shrinking garden


Don't worry, our tomato plants are still producing

Enjoying the fall weather

Basket full of goodness

My noble dog
Life is good. It really is. Each day is a gift and I'm trying to remember to enjoy every one I am given.

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