Friday, September 28, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

Can you guess what I'm going to talk about in this post? If you guessed food, you're right! I was looking through all the pictures on my camera and realized I had an awful lot of random shots of food. So instead of making a bunch of awkward separate posts on these edible wonders, I decided to collect them all together and make one mouth-watering post. Awesome idea!

My sister Cora and a good friend Amanda came for a visit last weekend and in order to prepare for them, I decided to make some healthy snacks. I chose granola, granola bars, maple roasted almonds and hummus. I unfortunately didn't snap any pictures of the hummus and granola bars but that's okay, you can use your imagination.

Homemade granola
And apparantly I didn't get any of the almonds either. Oops! But doesn't that granola look delicious? It tastes really good too. I've been having it for breakfast most mornings this past week.

The next item on my to make list was apple butter. This one is mostly because I am still working my way through the huge box of apples I was given. I had never made apple butter but I thought I would give it a shot. I found a crockpot recipe on Pinterest and got to it!

Preparing for the apple butter!
 (I only actually used half of the apples shown since my crockpot is obviously smaller than the one they used)

Ready to cook all day long
 I missed taking more progress pictures because my guests showed up and I kind of ignored the crockpot for a while. But come 8:00pm when I was wanting to get to canning it, I realized it wasn't looking very much like apple butter. Then again, I had never seen apple butter before... but this wasn't how I imagined it. It basically looked like the above picture but a little bit darker and a little bit more cooked. With Cora's advice, I removed it from the crockpot and put it in a pot on the stove to finish cooking. I mashed it with a potato masher and let more of the liquid simmer off of it. I'm pretty pleased with the end results, even if it only made two small jars. Oh, and enough for us to taste test it too.

My first attempt at apple butter
For Sunday morning breakfast I planned to get up early and make scones for our company. But Cora beat me to it and she whipped up these fabulous blueberry scones while grooving away to some awesome music. We kind of wished we had made a double batch.

Blueberry Scones
Sorry for the not so awesome picture, I obviously have to work on my photography skills. I blame it on the fact that they were fresh out of the oven and I was hungry and I just wanted to eat them!

I planned on making an apple cobbler for dessert on one of the nights but Cora insisted on an apple raspberry pie. So I caved to her pressure and we made the pie. I just want to preface this by saying both of us are normally very very good at making beautiful delicious pies. I'm not sure what happened... oh wait, yes I am. We used margarine instead of shortening and added some spelt flour. Let's just say the pie dough wasn't very stretchy. At all. Our attempt didn't work out that well. I would like to point out though that the apples were very well cut up thanks to Amanda. At least that part wasn't a failure. Without further ado, here is our pie.

We ran out of dough so we had to make do with random strips for the top.

It didn't slice well either. What do you mean that doesn't look like a pie?

It was mostly tasty even if a little dry.
That basically sums up the weekends goodies but this post doesn't stop there. After Cora and Amanda left, I had to deal with the fridge. It was full of leftovers and random foods that needed to be eaten and soon. I am trying really hard to waste less lately so I came up with ways to eat it all. Old squishy wrinkly peaches turned into a peach upside down cake! It was my first time ever making one and boy do I wish I had thought of this earlier. So so good!

Before it was flipped
After it was flipped
We didn't even bother cutting up pieces

 It was so good warm. We just ate it straight from the pan, devouring a good chunk off the end of it. Hopefully with all this eating I will have gained a couple pounds. I doubt it but one can hope right?


  1. I can't believe you posted our failure of a pie!! To add to the using margarine and a bit of spelt flour as reasons for non-success, I would like to say that there wasn't enough margarine either. So it was really a combination of factors!! :P

  2. I posted it because I'm trying to keep my blog real and show that I am not always successful and making beautiful things. :P

    And yes, I should have mentioned the "not enough margarine" factor, I'm sorry.