Tuesday, October 30, 2012

24-Hour Vacation - Part I

As promised, here is my post on our mini-vacation to Ottawa. We had such a great time and I went a little picture happy. So beware, this post will have a lot of pictures.

I had a doctor's appointment there at 9:00am on Friday morning and had to fast for twelve hours beforehand. Given this information, we decided to make the 4 hour trip on the Thursday night. I figured it would be better than waking up at 5:00am, not eating, being stressed about getting there on time and for sure feeling sick. We left right after I got off work on Thursday and the drive was gorgeous! It was that perfect time of night when the sun just makes everything look beautiful. The added bonus, we were driving East.

Super excited to start our trip!

Pretty barn against the blue sky (yes, I know it's blurry).

235 km to Ottawa!

The colours in the sun with the rocks. Stunning!
 There was a big accident that we drove by. Two transport trucks were overturned/upside down in the ditch. They also looked like they had caught fire. I didn't get any pictures of them though because there were a lot of people and I felt uncomfortable taking pictures. Sorry!
The accident

More pretty colours
We arrived at our hotel at 7:45pm and I forgot to take any pictures of the outside. It was super fancy and we felt a little out of place. We got a good deal for it on hotwire, so we didn't pay that much. It was a nice treat. I did take some pictures of the lobby while Dan was parking the car.

Where I waited for Dan. It was so cool!

Everything was so shiny and big

The Jazz Lounge
Our room was also pretty awesome and I went a little picture happy. I made Dan stand off in a corner while I took pictures of everything before we messed it all up. Can you tell we don't get out much?

The pretty beds all nicely made

The bathroom

The housecoat and umbrella. I've never seen an umbrella offered before.
 Dan had to do some work so he set himself up at the desk in the corner while I set myself up on the bed with chips and watched "Say Yes to the Dress".

Dan working

Me eating and watching tv

The view from our window
I think that I will stop this post there. I feel like if I were to put all the pictures and adventures that happened during those 24 hours, this post would be way too long. So stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!

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  1. Nice hotel! I hope you got some good answers at your doctor appointment.