Wednesday, October 31, 2012

24-Hour Vacation - Part II

Did you enjoy Part I of our trip so far? Are you sick of seeing all the pictures I took? If so, feel free to skip this post. As a little background, we haven't done anything of this sort in almost two years. We used to go on dates and trips and stay in hotels semi-regularly and then I got sick. So this was a pretty big deal for us, especially me. Which could explain why I went so nuts with my camera....

The next morning we woke up and got ready to leave. I had to fast for 12 hours before my bloodwork so after my snack of chips the night before, I had nothing. I hate waking up hungry and not being able to eat. Fortunately my appointment was at 9:00am so we woke up at 8:00 in order to not leave me too much time to focus on my grumbling stomach. We checked out of the hotel (so sad to leave it) and headed to my appointment. It went really well and I love the staff and how comfortable they made me feel. They took five or six vials of blood (I didn't look) and then I got all light headed and queasy. So they tipped me back in the chair, got me a cold cloth for my forehead and gave me a 5-Alive juice box. Woot woot for losing blood when already in a weakened state. The good news though, is that my consultation appointment is scheduled for November 30th! Which is way sooner than I was expecting. We'll be heading back to Ottawa for another mini-vacation in a month.

Upon leaving my appointment, we decided to head to Tim Hortons for a quick breakfast before heading downtown to play tourist. But as we turned out of the parking lot, a belt in the car broke, we lost power steering and were running on battery power only. Fortunately I married a handy guy and we headed off to the nearest Canadian Tire to get the part to fix it. We made it there safely and Dan investigated the damage.

Dan checking it out

Found the culprit
So we headed into Canadian Tire to get the needed belt. We purchased it, came back to the car, and discovered that the belt was too small. Back we went to get the right one and exchange them. Back to the car we came, only to discover this one was too big. Ugh! Back to the parts counter to get yet another belt. I'm sure the lady at the exchange counter thought we were nuts. Third time was the charm and we finally got it back together!

Putting the pieces back together

Finally the right part!
 By this time it was almost noon and we were both famished. We decided to get a good breakfast instead of just a quick muffin or something at Timmies so we made our way over to a Chez Cora's.

I orderd eggs, sausages, hashbrowns and toast and Dan ordered the April 89 crepe. I of course forgot to take a picture before we started eating but I did get some "in progress" shots.
My yummy food

Dan's last bite of crepe. He obviously eats faster than me.

He then had to finish my breakfast/lunch. What a sacrifice!
After we finished our breakfast/lunch, we headed downtown to park and walk around. These weird cat sculptures were all along the parking garage. At first I wasn't sure what they were and we still don't know their purpose. I wouldn't say its for looks!

We then walked around the Byward Market and enjoyed all the colours and sunshine.

We then made our way up the hill towards the Parliament Buildings. I, of course, had to stop along the way to take more pictures.

Playing tourist with some weird sculpture

Pretty building

Rideau Canal

The Parliament Buildings!

The ever-burning flame
We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather for our day there. It was 23 degrees (Celsius) and sunny. The skies were so blue! We even got really hot and had to take a break in the shade. Definitely not common for the end of October.

Resting in the shade and looking all cute like

The gorgeous library

The view from behind the Parliament Buildings

I think this is my favourite statue there

Drinking tea

I joined the tea party
At this point I was getting tired and feeling kind of sick so I suggested we head back towards the car. But first, we had to do some geocaching! Now that Dan has an app on his phone for it, he always wants to go. So we followed our map (and had to make detours thanks to all the construction) but finally made it to our destination: the angels of Hope, Faith and Courage.

The angel of Hope

Found the cache!
The contents
 We then went back to our car and took a leisurely drive along the river and enjoyed the sun and the colours. It was beautiful.

So beautiful
 Unfortunately, this nice drive took us the wrong way and all the way to the other side of Ottawa. So when we finally decided to head home, we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. Woohoo.

Crappy traffic

The end of a lovely mini-vacation
That wraps up our trip to Ottawa. We had perfect weather and really enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. I am so glad you two had such a great time on your mini-vacation!