Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bring on the Boots!

I realize that I'm a little late in getting out to snap pictures and do a post on fall, but unfortunately this is all I've got. I've just been so busy these past few weeks that I didn't get the chance to photograph all the fabulous colours. Also, in my opinion, the leaves all fall too quickly anyways and then we're left with a bit of a bleak season. After the leaves fall and before the snow comes, that's where we're at now. But I have also learned that it's so beautiful. We can still enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of this time of year. A friend also reminded me to not just hide away from it all and not take pictures or post because I think it's ugly. Where I live, we have four distinct seasons. Some places don't have that. So, I thought I would do a post of the bleak(ish) days of October. This is for you Erin.

I snapped some shots of our road last Saturday while driving home. It was a grey rainy day and I kind of liked how it made everything feel gloomy.

Coming down our road

The Sole Tree - Lost Souls Found Here

The view of the river coming up to our house
After taking all of these rather dull shots, I thought I would liven things up a bit. Tuesday was absolutely beautiful with sunshine and warmer weather. I ran outside to capture some of it while I still could. These are the results.
Our empty garden ready to be tilled

Our back yard is full of sumac tress. So pretty in the sun!

I had to throw a picture of Mia in here. Isn't she adorable?
Something nice about fall and loosing all the leaves, it clears the trees and gives us back our view of the river. Can you see it peeking through here? This is the view from our front yard.

The river

Our house in all its fall glory!

We finally got all our wood stacked. We still have to get a tarp to cover it but are slightly concerned about doing this since there is a certain little puppy who thinks it's her calling to destroy everything. I guess we'll just have to try it and see.
Our woodpile
 Mia likes to steal firewood from our pile. Silly dog. She has quite the collection going on!

Mia's woodpile :P

Our backyard
 So that's my post on fall and the beauty that can still be found outside. The sun obviously makes things better but I still kind of like the drearier days too.

One awesome thing about this fall weather, I can bring out my vest and boots! I'm loving this look these past few weeks and hopefully can still enjoy it for a few more.

That's it for today folks. Check back in later this weekend for a post about our mini-getaway to Ottawa!


  1. Beautiful! You're right that we tend to forget the bleak time can be beautiful, too. (I also love boots and vest/sweater weather.) Thanks for sharing your pictures. Mia is too cute!

  2. I am fairly certain that we have the same or very similar boots which really makes me smile. I miss you and I am so thankful for this blog so I can read about your exciting adventures and thoughts.