Monday, October 1, 2012

Scratch My Back

Today I got to leave work early and use up some lieu time. Fun you say? Oh yes, it used to be fun. Back in the good ol' days of being able to use lieu time for afternoons off to go on a date with Dan or to get something productive done. No, now are the days of taking lieu time for doctors appointments. Can we get a woohoo? No? Okay, moving on. So today I went in for allergy testing to try and maybe get some answers as to why I have been sick for the past 15 months with no end in sight. It wasn't a completely useless appointment as I did find out that I have some minor allergies to pollen, ragweed, mold, shrimp and cockroaches. Good thing I found out about the cockroaches, I'll have to be sure to avoid then from now on. :P

Back to the test. What they do is lie you down on your tummy, mark your back with a pen, put little drops of the "allergen" you're being tested for and then scratch it. And then they leave for 15 minutes and let you lie there while your back starts to sting and itch. Tons of fun. Although in all honesty, it really wasn't that bad. I am happy that I don't have any allergies to drastically effect my everyday life, I'm also a little discouraged that we still have no answers as to why my digestion system is so screwed up.

The other good news is that the appointment didn't go as long as I thought it would so I got home an hour early and put it to good use. Want to see what we did?

We got three bush cord of wood delivered on Sunday and we stacked 1/3 of it today. It looks pretty darn good I think!

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