Friday, November 30, 2012

Guest Bathroom - Big Reveal!

Did you stay up half the night wondering if we got our bathroom done in time for my sister's visit? Were you biting your nails in anticipation? No? That's weird. I was so sure you were dying to find out how it all went.

Well, I'll tell you. Dan officially wins the "Best Husband Ever" award. Saturday morning he got up bright and early once again to piece back together the whole bathroom. Isn't he amazing? The bathroom looked awesome for my sister and she was shocked when we showed her the pictures of what it had looked like the night before. Go us!

So without further ado, here is the big bathroom makeover reveal that you have all been waiting for! Final pictures taken more than 11 months after we started this dang project. But it's worth it. I'm completely in love.

View when walking in

Our new mirror, light and accessories

The beautiful dandelions

Just a subtle reminder ;)

Here is a comparison side by side view to give you more of an idea of the transformation that took place.

What do you think? Worth all the time, energy and tears put into it? Is it enticing enough for you to come visit us?


  1. loooove it! But if I am ever over I am stealing that yellow chalkboard thingy. it wants to live with me!

  2. I love all the yellow accents, it came out great!!

  3. OMG Jenn!!!! You do such great work! I LOVE IT!!!! Come to my house?! Please!

  4. LOVE this. I want to redo my bathroom SO badly, but we've put it off because it's the only bathroom in the house and it really needs to be gutted and redone from scratch. ugh.

  5. It's gorgeous! I want to re-do my bathroom (It's pink, for crying out loud!) but it's going to have to wait.

  6. Casey - I love how the yellow chalkboard turned out. I found that frame (it had a mirror in it) at Value Village for like $3. A bit of spray paint and it turned out awesome!

    Kate - Thanks! I was trying to be brave and use more colour and yellow just seemed to fit. I think it adds a nice pop to it.

    Katharine - I would happily come to your house and help you decorate! Just be forewarned, it may take a year. :P

    Lainie - This is our second bathroom and doesn't get used very often. But even still, we didn't actually gut it. The tile and everything stayed put. And the toilet was only out for a few days...

    Stasy - Yes, I would want to redo a pink bathroom too. But sometimes you have to wait for the right time. Next on my to do list is our guestroom but it won't be any time soon.

  7. I absolutely love it Jenn! Fantastic job! Did you make the soap dispenser and mason jars on the wall yourself? Either way, I'm impressed!

  8. Erin - Thanks! I did make the soap dispenser and wall thing myself. Well, Dan helped with the hanging jars. :P I found the ideas off of Pinterest.