Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guest Bathroom - A Work in Progress

So remember last Thursday when I did my post on stenciling and made mention of the whole bathroom redecorating fiasco? Well, here is that promised post. Be prepared, it's long.

Back in January of 2011, I had the brilliant idea of decorating our guest bathroom. It was perfectly functional but it was boring and lacked colour and life. It was just too bland for my liking.

Sorry I don't have a better picture of it. I completely suck at taking before pictures, although I am trying to work on that.
So I searched Pinterest for inspiration and convinced Dan that it would be simple and cheap and would be oh so fun. He, being the wonderful man he is, agreed. Although I'm pretty sure he knew it wouldn't be simple or cheap. Once I was given the go ahead, I set to work on my small projects, slowly adding them into the bathroom as I completed them. It was looking better and better and I was feeling confident in our decision. Our first "big" project was painting the mirror. I bought a new one for $29 but the frame was a nasty colour so we opted to paint it white. I, of course, have no pictures of this part of the project. I apologize but I wasn't as faithful with my blogging as I am now and I didn't think anyone would care about the mirror. You'll see an after picture of it later (it sneaks into a picture at the end of this post).

Our next "big" project was stenciling a quote above the bathtub. Which by the way, we did at the end of May. See how long this project was taking us? Little did we know we still had 6 more months after that to go! It took us weeks months to agree on a quote since Dan wanted it to say "Save Water, Shower with a Friend".  I wanted something a little more appropriate for a guest bathroom. I eventually won and we set to work.

Stenciling supplies
We were really pleased with the results and stenciling the small letters was quick and easy. We took two evenings to do it, as it was slightly time consuming. But the letters turned out nice and crisp. Much easier than stenciling a giant dandelion onto a wall.

Once this step was complete, we took yet another break. Slow and steady wins the race right? Or maybe we were just plain lazy, who knows. I like to blame it on the fact that we had other important life things going on and this bathroom wasn't a priority.

Another month went by and come the end of June we decided we should try and finish it before my sister Jackie and her husband came for a visit. All we had left to do was move a towel bar, patch the wall, paint the patch and then stencil the dandelion. Seemed simple enough right? WRONG! We moved the towel bar, patched the wall and then went to paint over it with the same beige we thought matched the bathroom walls. Turns out it didn't. At all. In fact, the beige was different on the two walls in the bathroom. We had no colour to match either wall, even though we had a ton of leftover paint left by the previous owners. It was at this point that Dan decided it would be easier to just repaint the whole bathroom. So I chose a pretty green and we set to work on that.

My Jackie and her husband were arriving on a Saturday morning. So on the Thursday night (we like to do things last minute) we set to work taking things down and clearing out the bathroom in preparation to paint.

Dan taking the light fixture down
Our only light to paint with
It was at this point that we discovered some more problems with the towel bar movement and that we had to mud some more. Since we now had wet mud on the wall, we couldn't actually paint the walls. So we opted to paint the ceiling, the trim and the back of the door. At least we would make progress somewhere.

Painting the door and trim
 And this is what us and the living room looked like at the end of Thursday night.

Bright and early Friday morning Dan woke up and sanded the walls down and got the first coat of green paint up before I was home from work. Isn't he awesome?

Putting the second coat on
Oh, and I guess I should mention that he completely emptied the bathroom to do this. He discovered that the vanity was not secured to anything so he could just pull it all out! And even though it's bad that the cabinet and counter top were all just sitting there unsecured for so long, it was a blessing in disguise for us. It made it much simpler to paint an empty room instead of having to work our way around the vanity. Here is what the living room looked like Friday night. And in case you forgot, my sister and her husband were arriving the next morning.

View from inside the bathroom

Clutter everywhere! (but you can see our new mirror)

A toilet in the middle of our living room
 It was at this point that I was slightly freaking out. I really didn't want this to be my sister's first impression of our house. While I knew she would understand, I kind of wanted everything to be perfect.

Come back tomorrow to see how it turned out!


  1. hahaha omg what a snowballing project!!! I like the green though!

  2. That's how our half bath project turned out...started by just adding a sink and mirror, turned into a whole new bathroom and utility room (which the half bath is in).

  3. Casey, I'm glad I could give you a chuckle. It really was a neverending project. And I LOVE the green. So glad I went with that choice. :)

    Christina, isn't that the way it always is? Decide to make a small change and then end up renovating half the house! :P Did the bathroom turn out well at least?

  4. You're leaving us hanging?!! I was so excited to see the finished project! (I still am excited! lol)

  5. Kate, sorry to leave you hanging but the post was going to be way too long if I put it all in one. That was the original plan but I had too many pictures. It will be up tomorrow morning at 9am, so stay tuned!