Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mufflers, Slimy Leaves and Dirt

Like the title? I thought it would grab your attention. And hopefully I'll be able to keep your attention, even though this post might be slightly more boring than some. It doesn't involve any amazing DIY projects, Pinterest fails or yummy eats. It's just a plain old life post. But it involves the outdoors and I felt like it's been a while since I've blogged about our yard/garden or anything to do with air and natural light. I blame it on the November blues.

It all started on a Saturday morning when I got back from running errands in town. The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold out, somewhere around 8 degrees. Dan was working on the rally car in the garage and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tackle my sad mangled flower gardens. After bringing the groceries in and getting bundled to work outside, I came out to this. My hard working husband (and attentive dog).

As he continued to work in the garage, I started on our side flower garden. It was looking the saddest with all the dead hostas and it didn't help that it was right beside our house and viewed on a daily basis.

Pretty sad eh?

The other gardens were also looking quite battered but I honestly don't have much hope for them. You see, I have this dog named Mia.... If you are a dog owner, you probably know where this story is going. She likes to run through the gardens, sit in the gardens, drag sticks and logs into the gardens, etc.

Mia's personal playground

Another side garden
After working for probably close to an hour, and filling four or more of these buckets, I finally called it a day. My hands were numb and I was getting hungry.

I am pleased with the results of my hard work though. And I think the gardens look at least 10 times better. Plus, it will hopefully make spring time a bit easier. Maybe next year will be the year I really tackle the flower gardens?

Garden #1

Garden #2

Side gardens


  1. I would be concerned if my husband was bench pressing a giant muffler. but I dont know if that would be because he took out the entire muffler (!!) or because I suddenly had a husband.


  2. Casey, your "suddenly had a husband" line made me chuckle. And this muffler was coming out of the rally car, not my everyday car. So I wasn't too concerned. :P