Monday, November 26, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

I've never been big on crafts. When I was younger my older sister Cora loved doing crafts and would usually drag me into doing them with her. It was fun, but definitely not my favourite thing to do. I would much prefer to play Barbies or Playmobile or something of the like. Not play with paper, glue, paint, feathers, etc. Just not my thing. So who would have thought that 15+ years later I'd be blogging about the crafts I have done? Weird, I know. But when I saw these adorable little cork Christmas trees, I knew that I had to attempt them. Guess where I found the idea? Pinterest! Shocking, I know. Thank goodness for Pinterest to give me inspiration to do crafts and other DIY projects.

These trees were made in a two step process. The first night that I worked on them was also when I was working on the Christmas ball wreath. Since I had the glue gun out, I figured I'd do as much as I could with it at once. Which explains why some of these pictures have ornaments in the background.

I had a bunch of leftover corks from my "Christmas 2011 Insane Cork Project" so I didn't need to get anything new for this project. Another free craft, woohoo! So what you will need is:
  • Corks
  • Glue gun
  • Craft paint in assorted colours
  • Paper plate
  • Toothpicks
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Cardstock
  • Paintbrush
To start with, glue the corks together to make a tree. You can make the trees as big or as small as you want, but I chose three different sizes. Here is the beginning of the biggest one.

I played around with the shape a bit. The above picture shows how the Pinterest trees looked. But after asking for Dan's opinion, we decided we didn't really like that weird bottom look. So I added a couple more corks to make it more of a triangle and I am pleased with how they turned out. Here are my three trees all glued and ready to be decorated.

Yes, I chose that page of the flyer purposefully. :P

That is where I ended night #1. I decided to save the decorating for another night and I'm glad I did. It gave me time to think about how I would decorate them and where I would find the supplies. Plus, it was nice to start refreshed and not annoyed and impatient.

Night #2 involved paint, ribbon, buttons and glue. Oh, and chips. Can't forget the chips! (Kate, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for flaunting my yummy chips again)

My paint collection

Other supplies
The first thing I did was cut out three little stars from my cardstock and then paint them yellow. I wanted them to have time to dry while I did all my other decorating.

While they were drying, I glued buttons and pieces of ribbon onto my trees. Then I moved onto my creative painting skills. Kidding! I really had no idea what I was doing but it worked. This is what my painters pallette looked like.

I had a lot of fun and am completely delighted with my little cork trees. Like almost giddy. Every time I look at them I smile really really big. Do they have the same effect on you?


I put them on a small table in our living room so they are nice and prominent. Dan loves them too. :P Although he did mention I was kind of pushing the "no Christmas decorations before December 1st" rule. Oops!


  1. OMG! I love them! You've got the best ideas! If I could only find the time (oh, wait, if I'd just get off the internet!) I'd totally do this!

  2. Thanks Katharine! I find all my ideas on Pinterest so I can't really take the credit. And you should totally get off the computer and try them. So easy!

  3. Those came out soooo cute!! (and DAMN you and your chips... =P)

  4. Kate, I knew you'd be jealous of my chips. I thought of you as I snapped the picture of them. And thanks, I'm really pleased with how the trees turned out!

  5. They are so cute! And they don't look too difficult, I was expecting that you would have to chop up the corks or something.

  6. Erin, they were easy peasy! Dan suggested possibly cutting them in half but I was too lazy and felt like they looked cute this way. I like easy crafts, especially after last years cork project. :::shudder:::

  7. I do love your blog Jenn. Since I don't have the patience/inclination to actually craft things myself, I am living vicariously through you.