Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

This has been my motto recently and I have been trying my hardest to not waste things, especially food. I've been experimenting with new recipes and making concoctions out of odds and ends in my fridge. I'm not sure how Dan is feeling about all this but oh well. We are using what we have!

This year I decided not to waste my jack-o-lantern. Most other years we carve it and put it out on the front step/porch and leave it for a few weeks until it goes all rotten and then toss it. But what a waste of good pumpkin that is! So on Saturday I made Dan lug the giant pumpkin back in for me to attack with a knife.

Poor little pumpkin

It was a lot of work! That pumpkin was huge and I am small weak. Fortunately I had my SIL to help me with it and I'm awfully glad I did. I don't think I would have managed by myself. Or at least not while keeping all my fingers.

We cut it into four pieces.

Then into eight... sixteen... etc.

Finally it was all diced and ready to cook!

I actually had to do two full pots like this because there was so much of it. I think I underestimated the size of my pumpkin and how much it would actually produce. Once it was all cooked, mashed and ready to go, I measured out 2 cup servings and put them into bags to freeze.

Once again, I didn't realize how much pumpkin puree there was. I froze 15 bags of 2 cup servings. That is a lot of pumpkin muffins this winter!

It was a long day and I was tired at the end of it. But I am pleased to announce that I only had one battle wound by the end of it! The boiling hot pumpkin splashed out and got my hand. Which then blistered up and popped. So I have it covered with a trusty band-aid.

Oh, and some sore arm muscles. You know, since I'm so weak and all. :)


  1. What a fabulous idea! Makes me want to go out and get pumpkins! I love all the cool stuff you do!

  2. Thanks Katharine! I'm really enjoying being a little housewife. Now if only I could do it full time.