Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Only Wear It Once... Says Who?

I'm a rebel. I have worn my wedding dress a total of six times now, and that isn't counting the times I just put it on at home for the fun of it. I mean for six different events. We haven't celebrated our fourth anniversary yet and my dress has already been worn six times. I think I've got my money's worth out of that dress, wouldn't you agree?

Last Saturday I attended the second annual Brides for Breast Cancer event. It is an event held to raise money for breast cancer research and you are supposed to either wear your wedding dress or some other fancy dress. It is a ton of fun and for a very good cause. This year I went with a group of about six of us and we had a blast. I danced to basically every song and was ketp so busy I didn't get around to taking many pictures. Oops.

My pretty little "mocktail"

A "boob" cupcake
 One of my favourites parts of the evening was the photo booth. It was so awesome!!! If I were to get married again, I would have a photo booth. Since it's free for all the guests, it makes for a really fun event. I went in there a lot but thought I would just give one sample. They had fun props to use and everything.
 Another fun thing about this event, is that you can mix things up in your outfit. For my wedding day, I wanted to look just right and have everything a certain way. I wasn't particularly brave at trying new things or wearing bigger jewelery etc. So I decided to try something new! I wore pearls that had three strands and put my veil on top of my head so it was more "flowy". I still wore boots though, no point in changing up the footwear. :P

All prettied up!
 At the end of the night I arrived home and asked Dan if I looked pretty. As soon as he said yes, I said "Good, now help me out of this dress. I can't breathe!" I got in some comfier attire before havng a snack and scrubbing the five pounds of make up off my face.

A little less formal
It was a really fun night and I will most definitely be participating in this event next year. Oh, and we raised $5,000 to be donated to breast cancer research!

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