Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas time!

It's Christmas day and we are busy celebrating with family. I'm writing this blog post ahead of time since we all know I'm not going to have time to come on here on the actual Christmas day. I thought I would share some more of our decorations from around our house.

I wasn't sure how to display our Christmas cards this year but after searching on Pinterest, I decided to copy this idea. We put string around our kitchen cabinets and then used clothespins to hang up the cards. We have a lot of cards, I didn't even take pictures of them all!


Dan is in charge of hanging up the mistletoe each year so he is always careful to put it in the most strategic spot. His choice: the middle of the kitchen.

My mother-in-law gave us a beautiful Christmas cactus that is sitting in the middle of our table and blooming in such gorgeous colours. It's so cheery to have it in such a central spot. I love centerpieces for my table.

Another exciting thing this year is that our stockings are actually hung by the fire! Last year they just stayed in a pile on the floor since we didn't ever get around to hanging them. Dan didn't want to put nails in the mantle so I purchased 3M hooks to put up this year. And yes, the itsy bitsy stocking on the far right is Mia's.

So there you have it. Some last minute Christmas items to show you. All of my posts for this next week will be scheduled as we'll be traveling for the holidays to different houses. I will be back with some updates on how Christmas went early in the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. The Christmas cactus is beautiful, I have never seen one before. I love how you hung up your cards too, very cute!

  2. Thank you Erin. I love the Christmas cactus. We have one in our office at work but it blooms at Halloween instead of Christmas. And good thing I have Pinterest to inspire my card displays!