Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comfort Food

I'm pretty sure everyone has a food that comes to mind when someone mentions comfort food. That food that when you eat it, you just feel better. I find a lot of the fall/winter recipes very comforting and I have fun making different ones. Last week I attempted a new meatloaf recipe. I love meatloaf and could eat it quite regularly if I was motivated enough to make it often. But I have always only used one recipe for it, one that was passed down to me from my mom. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I thought it would be fun to try something new. Especially since I found an amazing looking one on Pinterest titled Honey Barbeque Meatloaf. Can we say YUM!

If you are interested in the recipe, here is the link for it. Do me a favour though and don't open it until after you've read my post. Her meatloaf turned out prettier and her photography skills are way better than mine. So if you look at hers first, mine will look sad and pathetic. Deal?

Now that you have promised to wait to open that tempting little link, I will get to my meatloaf making adventure. I used grass fed organic ground beef that I picked up at the Farmer's Market but you could use any type of ground beef. I'm just trying to eat more natural local foods, so it's what I had on hand. I mixed all the ingredients together and then formed it into a nice long loaf. Nothing like playing with raw meat. Sorry for the unappetizing pictures, but I wanted to document it all.

Next, I mixed together the honey barbeque sauce to spread all over it. It kind of made a sticky mess but smelled oh so good.

Once my mixture was ready, I spread most of it all over the loaf of raw meat. I saved some to put on the finished pieces, according to the recipe's instructions. I tried to spread it on as evenly as possible and I tried to take a nice picture, but it's harder than it would seem.

And in case you were wondering if I took the picture of me forming the loaf with my teeth, I didn't. I had a handy dandy helper. Oh and in case you are wondering what is up with the wild caveman look,  he was growing his beard for Movember.

The meatloaf smelled amazing while it was cooking and we spent the next 45 minutes with grumbling stomachs waiting for it to be done. I then tried to cut it in pretty little slices like the original blogger did (which you won't know yet since you didn't look at the link yet. Right?) but mine was all crumbly. Oh well, it tasted amazing!

I then served it with roasted red potatoes and a mix of veggies. It turned out really well and I can safely say this was a Pinterest recipe success!

Okay, you can go open that link now and see how much nicer hers turned out. Thanks for waiting until the end!


  1. I wish I liked meatloaf, because that actually looks pretty good. Maybe I'll have to try it. The only meatloaf I've ever had was my grandmother's and as much as I love her, she can't cook for anything.

  2. I have actually never had meatloaf. isnt that weird? My go-to comfort food is my mom's shepherd's pie! mmmm. I try to make it myself, but I just can't quite replicate it

  3. Yummy! I definitely want to try to make this sometime.

  4. Christina - You should definitely try another recipe before you rule out meatloaf completely. It's so good!

    Casey - WHAT??? How can you never have had meatloaf? I demand that you find a recipe and make one pronto. And shepherd's pie... yum!

    Erin - Let me know how it turns out!

  5. Yummm. I'm definitely going to try this, but I'll probably try it with ground turkey. :P We'll see how that works.