Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decking The Halls!

The halls have been decked! The decorations are out and up and our house is feeling merry. So if I stay inside and shut the curtains I can pretend that it feels like Christmas. As of today, there is no snow. None. Just rain rain rain rain. And the weather forecast is saying our chances for a white Christmas are slim to none. :::wimper::::

But back in the festive interior of the house. After we finished our tree getting adventure that you can read about here, we brought it into the house and got it firmly set up in the tree stand. Doesn't it look pretty?

Once we cut off the twine it started looking a little more festive. Dan even posed all pretty while he put the star on top.

We decorated the tree together while listening to Christmas music. I put up all the "boring" decorations like Christmas balls and Dan put up the "fun decorations" that have happy memories along with them. Here are some of the fun ones.

The tree looks fabulous and I'm totally in love with it. Whenever I'm home I turn the lights on and just bask in it's festiveness.

I then ran around the rest of the house dispersing decorations here and there. I snapped a couple pictures of some of my favourites.

I added my creche scene to my cork tree display

My banner from Cora my first Christmas away from home

Pretty white lights on top of the piano

My homemade decorations from last year

And some snowman cuteness
I can't forget Mia! We pulled out the cute antlers we bought her last year and once again attempted to get them on her. I am proud to announce that she kept them on for a full five seconds longer than last year! Woohoo! And here is my attempt to get a picture of her with them on.

Can you tell how much she loved them? :P

And just to flaunt, we sent out 50 personal Christmas cards and 60 business Christmas cards. Here are the two separate piles of cards. Are you impressed?


  1. your tree looks great!!! I hope santa leaves you some fun presents under it :)

  2. Very festive. That nativity scene is adorable.

  3. Casey - Santa isn't really bringing any presents this year. Only stockings. :P

    Pitney Family - Thanks! I've had that set for years but I really love it. It's tiny and cute. (P.S. I feel bad asking this... but who are you? I know I should know but I don't.)

  4. This is Bethelgal. Sorry, I thought you knew that or I would have signed at the bottom.

  5. Ah, Bethelgal! See, I knew I should have known that. :P Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love your tiny nativity scene and Mia is such a ham with those antlers! Good for you for sending out your Christmas cards too, I still have to work on mine (running out of time, I know!).