Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flaxseed Wrap Fail

I promised to blog about my gluten-free cooking adventures, the good and the bad. And this is a bad. I guess I can't succeed at everything I try but still, it was sad to have to throw out food.

Remember back in my December Simple Pleasures post I put up a picture of my chicken avocado mix? Well I needed something to put that mix on so I found a recipe for a flaxseed wrap and I thought I would give it a try. It was simple and only called for a few ingredients: flaxseed, paprika, parsley, baking powder, egg, water, etc.

I whipped it up in a few minutes and it looked decent.

So I happily wrapped up my chicken avocado mix and added some lettuce and packed it for my lunch the next day.

It looked good so I took a bite. Hmm... not the tastiest but that's okay. Another bite. This is getting grosser by the minute. Third bite, gag reflex. I knew that I couldn't eat it. It was disgusting and making me feel sick. So I scraped out the chicken avocado and threw away the wrap. So I took some more bites of just the chicken mix. After a while though, that didn't taste so good either. I ended up putting it back in the fridge (no point in wasting all my food) and I ate a bunch of corn chips to make up for my lack of lunch.

It was gross and disappointing. Sometimes my cooking adventures fail and that's okay. The next time I made the chicken avocado mix I just wrapped it up in lettuce and had little lettuce sandwiches. Not quite the same as bread but still tasty.


  1. Bummer! It looks good in the picture though.

  2. It really was a bummer. I was excited to eat it and then it was so gross. Live and learn I guess.