Monday, December 3, 2012

Putting Food By

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I did quite a bit of canning this summer. If you want to read more about the individual canning adventures, look under the Canning section of my blog topics.

One room in my house that I have never really talked about or photographed, is our cold room. The builders took the space available under the front porch and made two rooms that are accessible from the basement only. One half is the wood room and the other half is the cold room. When we first moved in, we basically put all the extra paint cans and other random items into the cold room and that's how it stayed for almost a year. Boring right? So this summer I decided we needed to actually use it properly. Not too many newer houses have cold rooms and I wanted to fully take advantage of our luck. So we cleared out all the paint and other junk, vacuumed out the spider webs, wiped down the shelves, mopped the floors and aired it out a little. It was finally ready for food!

I then spent the rest of the summer happily filling it with my beautiful canned goods. There is nothing quite as satisfying as filling up a room full of home made preserves. I am very proud of this room. It may not be pretty but the shelves are full of hard work.

Here is a full view of all my jars
Most of them were canned by us but a few were gifts. Very much appreciated gifts.

The jars to the left were gifts and the jars to the right is homemade salsa
Each and every jar was done with love and hard work. I cannot wait to enjoy them all throughout the winter months.

See our relish hiding out back there?
We had a bumper crop of tomatoes so most of our canned goods have a base of tomato. Like these jars of tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes.

Tomato sauce on the left, stewed tomatoes on the right.
I spent a full day with a friend making applesauce. We made 30 1L jars and 8 500ml jars. She sent me home with half of what we did. I think I'm set for a while yet! The small dark jars to the left of the apple sauce is my homemade apple butter. Oh, and that jug is maple syrup bought from the Farmer's Market.

Applesauce and Maple Syrup
To give you a better idea of the quantity of jars, here are a few top views of everything.

And here is a bonus picture of my box of apples that I talk about all the time. We're still not through it. But it was big! This is the last layer of apples and I'm pretty sure there was at least five to start with.

Giant box of apples


  1. The new build house I rented in university had a cold room. When winter came I dismantled the porch swing and stored it in there. In the spring I brought it out again and there were all these hibernating BEES living in it. and I didnt know so as I dragged the cushions upstairs I was leaving half-defrosted bees all over the house. They started to come alive before we realized and then we had to catch them.

    true story. cold rooms are dangerous. Watch out for bees.

    PS- can I have some preserves?

  2. Thanks for the encouraging story Casey. :P Now you have me worried!

  3. mmm homemade apple butter sounds delish!

  4. Oh, the bees came in with the furniture. They just stayed frozen all winter because they were in the cold storage room.

  5. Great. Now I want to go out and start canning. I don't have the space to can. :P