Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

It's that wonderful time of the year! Time to go out and cut down the beloved tree to display in your living room for a few weeks before dragging it out to the firepit to be burned. Gotta love Christmas!

Our tradition for the past four years has been to get our tree and decorate the house the first weekend in December, which happily fell on the 1st this year. I was so excited since it meant I got to get into the holiday spirit earlier than normal and have my tree and decorations up for longer. It seemed like such a perfect plan. Except we were in Ottawa on the 1st. Oh well, I can adjust. So we planned to get the tree on the 2nd, which is now more than a week ago. We woke up that Sunday to a miserable wet rainy day. Yes, rain the first weekend of December in Ontario. How boring is that? Dan refused to go traipsing through the Christmas tree farm in the rain to then cut down a soaking wet tree and lug it back home. What a grinch. So we decided to post-pone our tree getting until the following weekend.

Last Saturday we woke up bright and early only to be faced with another rainy miserable day. I mean come on universe, can't we catch a break? I JUST WANT TO GET MY TREE! We had some errands to run in town so we spent the morning doing that and the whole time I just kept hoping that the rain would stop long enough in the afternoon for us to sneak out and get the tree. And it did! Shortly after lunch, the rain stopped so we headed out to the Christmas tree farm with Mia in tow. Because she is family after all and this is our family tradition.

Even though Mia hated the car ride and spent the whole 20 minute drive looking at us like we were the meanest people ever to put her through this pain, she quickly forgot how horrible the trip was once we arrived at the farm. She was so excited she could barely sit still for this picture.

She was especially thrilled when we let her off leash for a bit. She tore through the trees and bounded along happy as could be. We even played a few games of hide and seek with her. Such a cutie.

After a short walk through the trees trying to keep our crazy dog close by, we started keeping our eyes open for the perfect tree. It didn't take us long to find it and both Mia and I approved.

Once Dan got the approval from the girls in the family, he got to work cutting it down. Go Dan!

We then worked as a team to carry it back to the car. Mia helped too (she dragged Dan along on her leash) but we couldn't fit her in the picture.

Once we got it safely back to the parking lot, wrapped up in twine, paid our $45 and into the back of the car, we could finally take our "family getting the Christmas tree" picture.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how Mia did on the way back home with her anxiety/motion sickness issues, she was fine! She just curled up next to the tree and looked as content as could be.

That's it for our Christmas tree getting adventure. I plan on doing a post next week on the rest of our Christmas decorations. But since I'm nice and I know you're all dying to see a picture of the tree up and decorated, I will give you a litte sneak peak.


  1. beautiful tree! and it probably smells awesome!

  2. Kate, it does smell awesome! I love the smell of a freshly cut tree. Our house smells like Christmas now.