Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Recap of 2012's Goals

Remember last year when I made 12 goals for 2012? It's time to take a look at them and see how I did. Ready, set, go!

1. Gain 10 pounds Failed at this one. Definitely harder than I thought it would be. I did gain 2 though, so I should get partial points right?

2. Top off emergency fund to $15,000 Accomplished this one! Although it has since gone down to $14,000 due to lack of money but we still met the goal and kept it that way for a couple months before needing the extra cash.

3. Put an extra $20,000 on mortgage Failed. It may have worked if Dan had continued to have steady work all year and we could have continued to put aside my income. But Dan started his own business and money has been tighter. 

4. Make more meals at home Definitely did more of this one. Especially with all my food restrictions this past year.

5. Have a vegetable garden  Done!

6. Walk more I'm going to say I failed at this one too. Oops. Maybe next year?

7. Go camping Even though it was done in our back yard, we still went camping and got to use our tent for the first time.

8. Finish re-doing living room furniture I'm going to cross this one off even though we aren't finished completely. We've completed the first step of sanding and re-staining the wood. We still need to reupholster the cushions though.

9. Have a monthly "date" with Dan I'm pretty sure this one was mostly accomplished. We may have missed a month or two but overall we did better with going on dates throughout the year.

10. Make my own cleaning supplies Nope. Didn't get around to doing this one yet. Mostly because I haven't run out of the cleaning supplies I have on hand. 

11. Get life insurance Done!

12. Get better! I don't want to call this a fail since I have improved over this time last year but I'm still not 100% better so I can't say I completed it. I am learning to enjoy each day I have though so I don't consider it a complete failure.

So that's my list of goals from last year. Stay tuned for my 13 goals for 2013!


  1. Way to go at finishing your goals. Finishing your emergency fund is quite an accomplishment.

  2. That's an amazing emergency fund! Hopefully I can say I've done the same thing one day!

    Great job on your accomplishments. What's your list for this year?

  3. Bethelgal - It was such an awesome feeling to get our emergency fund up to our goal. It's such a comfort to know that we have that money in the bank for when we really need it.

    Maddie - I have total faith that you will have a rocking emergency fund one day. You guys are doing awesome! And I'm working on my list for this year and hope to have it up by the end of the week.