Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Apology

I have no exciting post for you today. I'm going to stop telling you that I will do better next week because chances are I won't. It's January and it's cold and I have no motivation whatsoever to do any projects around the house. All I want to do each night is curl up on the couch beside the fire and watch TV. Sorry.

I'm still going to post regularly but I wanted to warn you that it will mostly be food related as that's all I have the energy for lately. The variety of the posts won't be quite as broad as the summertime was but I'm hoping that come spring and warmer weather I will be back to my old self. And if anything exciting happens around here, I will definitely post about it! But until then, bear with me.

I like to keep my readers happy but I have found myself stressing too much over what I will blog about and it's taking some of the fun out of blogging. I don't want to be worried each night about what I will write and rushing to take pictures of something jus so that I will have something to post about. I want my posts to be real, sincere and fun. Don't you?

And as a completely random side note, it is friggin' cold here in Ontario today. It is  -24 degrees Celsius, colder if you count the wind chill. And for all my American friends, that is -11.2 degress Fahrenheit. Can we say BRRR???

I love you all and I will do my best to continue to bring you somewhat fun posts. Please stick around, you guys rock and I love reading all your comments and hearing your feedback.


  1. I love the food posts, Jenn! I always look forward to your posts, and am so immensely jealous of your cooking and crafting skills. Honestly.
    I really look forward to seeing your posts this upcoming summer, are you adding anything extra to your garden this year? I loved seeing your garden last year and am hoping that come next year when we have a house (and a garden!) that I can bounce every question I have off of you :)
    If you ever need to chat/rant/blabber, you have my email!

  2. Marlee, thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad to know that my posts are still enjoyed even if they aren't as exciting as they once were. I'm still trying to think up some fun projects to do but I've decided not to stress about it.

    And yes we have big plans for our yard/garden this summer! The garden will be almost double the size and we'll be planting some new veggies. Just you wait and see! :)

    And you can ask me any questions you like about gardening, although I really don't know much. I kind of just winged it.

  3. Don't stress about it, friend! I think all of your posts are fabulous. How about some pictures of that warm fire? :) xoxo!

  4. Kate, I'm trying! I'm definitely appreciating my warm office today.

    Erin, thank you. And I will take some picture of our warm fire! That's a good idea, I can do a post about what I do all winter long. :P

  5. No worries, chica! I hope you stay warm :)

  6. Today it was 4 below zero with wind chill and I thought that was really cold. Stay warm.

    I love reading your blog; the exciting posts and the everyday life posts. Don't stress about pleasing us. Blog for you and we will just read it.

  7. Weaslewam - Thanks for the "warm" wishes. I didn't freeze to death so that's a good sign.

    Bethelgal - Thank you. I will continue to blog for myself and hope you continue to like it. I really appreciate your kind words.