Monday, January 7, 2013

Couponer Extraordinaire!

A year or so ago, I got into couponing. Nothing extreme but I started paying more attention to different coupons and collecting them. I also joined a local Facebook coupon clipping group and started doing some trades. Since then, I have gone in phases with couponing. It's hard to eat good healthy real foods and coupon at the same time since most coupons are for brand name processed foods. But I can still find some good ones for foods we use.

Yesterday was my best trip yet I think. I went to Walmart with my grocery list in one hand and my coupons in the other. Oh, and Dan to help push the cart. We had such a successful shop!

My purchases
We got a few items that weren't on sale but that we needed anyways. Oh, and some food for me to snack on since I was famished! So no, the half eaten bag of chips didn't come that way.

The total bill before savings was $71.46. Want to know how much we paid??? $35.25!!!!! Yes you read that right, we saved 51% on this grocery bill. I price matched the Vector cereal, Nutrigrain bars, peanut butter, Miracle Whip and cheese slices to other stores and saved $16.21 doing that. Then I used coupons for those items plus the Dijon mustard and saved $20. So that makes a total savings of $36.21.

It feels so good to have saved that much money and all of those items are foods that we eat on a regular basis. So it's not like I'm going and buying food just because I have coupons for them. Nope, I am a couponer extraordinaire.


  1. where do you get your coupons? Ive gone on sites like and such, but they never have the brands I I eat so little packaged foods that i just cant seem to get into the habit of holding onto the odd $1 off coupon

  2. I get a lot of my coupons from and But not just by going onto their site. They tend to have a ton of hidden coupons and I find out about those through my FB couponing group or by the brands pages on FB. There are a lot of offers through FB that you can catch if you are lucky. I've also taken up trading which works out well for me. Like I said though, I tend to go in phases because like you we don't eat a ton of processed foods. But once in a while, I'll find an awesome coupon like the $2 off Vector ones. Dan eats Vector every morning for breakfast and it can get expensive.

    I also get coupons off of tear pads in stores, food packages and newspaper inserts. But most of my coupons come from online. Hopefully that helps a little. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

  3. Great job Jenn!!! Way to go!

  4. Good job! It brings me such joy to save money. :-)