Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Ontario Weather

The weather has been nuts here lately. I remember back to my childhood when winter would come with snow and cold weather and then stay that way until March. None of this cold/warm freezing/melting sort of thing.

The middle of January was frigid, with temperatures dipping well into the "I'm so friggin' cold I want to cry" category. Then this past week we had random ups and downs. Monday we had risk of freezing rain and all these other warnings in effect. It wasn't as serious as the weatherman predicted but bad enough that buses were cancelled and people were careful driving. I figured I would snap some pictures before it all melted away.

My car got a little icey on the way home from work. Aren't the icicles kind of fun though?

This was our backyard on Monday...

...and then Wednesday came along.

Can we say what???

It rained all night Tuesday into Wednesday and got rid of all the snow. Our road was basically like a skating rink Wednesday morning and I had to drive the whole way out in first gear, trying not to slide into the ditch or swamp. But by the afternoon, all the ice was gone because we reached record high temperatures of 12.5 degrees C (54.5 F) yesterday! Wowee! It was like spring. But don't worry, we're back to winter weather today. It's now -2 C (28.4 F) and feels like -16 C (3.2 F) with the wind chill. I guess yesterday was just a fluke.

And on a completely random note, I wanted to share our recent excitement with our bird feeder. I received this bird feeder for Christmas from work. It's actually really pretty with nice patterns on the sides, sorry I don't have a better picture of it. We hung it up immediately after getting it but no birds came. Now, a month later, we have chickadees coming quite steadily. There are some other birds coming too but we haven't seen them long enough to decide what kind they are. Plus, we aren't all that knowledgeable when it comes to different bird species.

We had so much fun watching them on Saturday. They just kept coming back for more and more. They emptied the feeder by half in just one day. Greedy little birds they are.

In case you are wondering how Mia is doing with them, she loves them. She sits at the window and watches intently for a few minutes and then goes outside to chase them for a while.

We're really enjoying our newfound interest of birds.


  1. Different birds eat different food. You should research how to get different varieties!!

    I love how your dog likes to watch them. I used to throw birdseed all over the lawn just to give my cat something to watch during the day :)

  2. The bag of birdseed we have is some sort of winter variety. But you're right, we should research and see what kinds to offer.

    And it is quite amusing having Mia so absorbed by the birds. I thought she was so cute sitting there last week.

  3. Oh my gosh. Our weather has been crazy here too. We had a thunder storm on Monday night with a high of 47. Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a predicted high of 60. Today, we have a high of 20 and it's snowing.

    Winter appears to having an identity crisis.

  4. Bethelgal, I like how you put it, winter is definitely having an identity crisis. And those are crazy yo-yo temps for you too!