Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today I received some exciting mail. I may have squealed a little bit before tearing into the envelope.

In case you can't read all that tiny writing, here is a close up.

That's right, I now officially have my Small Business Accounting Certificate. Go me! And want to know something cool? December 14th is our wedding anniversary and that's the day that I completed my certificate.

Because I'm proud of myself, here are my marks from the course:

  • Small Business Financial Management - 90%
  • Simply Accounting - 89%
  • Microsoft Excel - 91%
  • Introductory Accounting I - 97%
  • Introductory Accounting II - 95%
  • Payroll Administration - 86%
  • Intro to Financial Management Accounting - 80%
  • Taxation I - 76%
 It feels really good to be done and to have my certificate in my hands. I'm going to have to buy a frame for it and hang it proudly on my wall. Ah... this feels nice.


  1. ****SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!***** Congratulations Jenn! What a great accomplishment!

  2. Thanks Erin! I do feel pretty good about it. :D

  3. Good for you! that's awesome! Im still waiting for my darn Digital Media Skills certificate. When I get it, we should have a drink together (over the internet. too damn cold).haha

  4. Casey, I'm sorry it's taking so long for your certificate to arrive. I was actually surprised at the speed of mine. And I agree, a drink over the internet. :)

  5. AAAHHHH!!! That's so awesome Jenn! CONGRATS!!!

  6. Um Heck Yes you need to buy a frame and put that baby on the wall! Woohoo!