Friday, January 11, 2013

Get a Move On It

***Sorry for my lack of exciting posts this week. I've just been off my game as far as blogging and haven't felt quite as motivated as usual. I'm hoping to be back at it next week with some renewed energy though so stay tuned for some new projects that are underway and some yummy recipes!***

Something I have never been good at doing is exercise. Any form of it really, whether it be sports, walking, running, aerobics, weights, etc. I guess I'm just lazy and unmotivated and since I've never had to exercise in order to lose weight, I haven't done much of it. Every once in a while I decide that I need to get moving though and I come up with some fabulous plan on how to do so. It usually lasts a day or two. Pathetic, I know. I just don't have good follow through with my plans of getting off the couch and moving more. I always have an excuse. During the winter it's too cold and during the summer it's too hot. That leaves spring and fall and yet I still don't do much in those months either. Bad me.

But I am determined that this will be the year I actually do something! I'm not going to make any huge goals such as exercising every day or running a 5K, since I know that is unrealistic for me. My goal this year is just to move more.

I'm toying with the idea of signing up for a Zumba class with a friend of mine but I haven't quite been able to justify spending $120 on that. I know that's a good price and my health is worth it but I'm cheap frugal. I just keep thinking why pay so much money for something that I could technically do in my own living room for free. Which leads me to my next idea. I have a Gold's Gym Dance Workout Wii game that I have yet to try. I've had it in the house for over a month now and have never attempted to do it. See, I told you I was lazy!

So here's the deal, I would like to be held accountable. I figured that if I did a post on what my health/exercise goals are, maybe I will be more motivated to actually accomplish them. So here is the plan.

I would like to try my at-home Wii dance workout a couple times this month before deciding if it's worth paying $120 to join a Zumba class.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post in February where I will hopefully tell you all how successful I was at completing this goal. If I fail, feel free to slap my wrists.


  1. My biggest piece of advice is to "schedule" when you are going to work out. That way you will feel more responsible for doing it and make sure not to let other things become a higher priority. It sounds like the class would help you do that, but you can do it on your own too. Good luck!

  2. I hear Zumba is really fun! I'm not the best exerciser either, I find it so hard to be consistent since I tend to lose motivation so easily. :(

  3. Erin - Thanks for the tip. I definitely think that I will have to schedule my workouts in order to actually get them done. Maybe I'll put it on my calendar. Or set up some sort of reward program for when I actually meet my goals.

    aneastcoastlife - I've heard that about Zumba too but have never tried it. I'm just so dang cheap. And I totally hear you on losing motivation. I'm the queen of laziness.

  4. I'm proud of you, love!! My deal with my workouts is that I do them M-F and give myself the weekend off. (Oddly, I have a lot of friends who exercise compulsively--like near-professional level--so I have to calm myself and remember that I'm not in competition with them.) I have to literally put "work out" in my daily to do list, though, so I make sure I do it. I'm lucky in that I don't have to pay (I use the school gym), but we're about to start paying for Jeff to join a rec center (he gets a good discount for work). Sometimes, I think paying really increases motivation, but not always.

    I'm going to be keeping tabs on you!

  5. Tory, if I exercise once a week I'll consider it an accomplishment. :P But good for you for doing it more often! That's something I should work towards. But for now, I'm going to start slow. I have written it on my calendar so hopefully that will help. Maybe I'll get Dan to offer me a reward if I do it each time I say I will (the reward would come at the end of the month).

    And now that I know you'll be keeping tabs on me, I will for sure get a move on it!