Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reading is a Hobby of Mine

When I was younger you could always find me curled up in a corner somewhere with my nose in a book. Always. Ask any of my family members and they will tell you the same thing. Reading is actually to blame for why I need to wear glasses now. I ruined my eyes spending long periods of time reading.

I read all through highschool right up to moving away and going to college. That's when it significantly slowed down, probably having something to do with having to read textbooks and not wanting to then read for pleasure. Of course life also got busier the older I got and I just didn't have as much time for reading books. I still did read a bit but not as much as I would have liked. So last July, I decided it was time to change that problem and get back to reading more. That is when I made the goal to read five books before the end of the year. I accomplished that goal and much quicker than I thought I would too. So this year I made the goal to read 10 books in 2013. When you really think about it, it's a pretty pathetic little goal but I wanted to make sure it was attainable. I've got work my way slowly back up to reading more and I knew that if I made a goal of 50 I would just get discouraged before I got started and never reach it.

Enough chatting about my past reading habits, let's get back to the present goal at hand. I have already chosen my first five books that I will tackle and that's what I will be telling you about today. I'll do another post once I'm done these five on what my next five will be.

#1. Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik (I'm actually in the middle of this one so it's sort of cheating)
#2. The Negotiator by Dee Henderson (1st in the O'Malley Chronicles)
#3. The Guardian by Dee Henderson (2nd in the O'Malley Chronicles)
#4. The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson (3rd in the O'Malley Chronicles)
#5. The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

Most of those are fiction ones that I will be reading because they are light and fun. The first one, Young House Love, is an inspiring book for a DIY-er like myself. You can read more about how I got it here. The other four are just ones that I chose off my bookshelf at home. I'm trying to read ones that I have on hand instead of buying new ones. Smart and frugal of me, eh?

In my next set of five, I plan on reading a couple more non-fiction ones. I just have to figure out which ones...


  1. I was the same! As a kid I used to take out the max 25 books from the library and read them all before the 3 weeks was up.

    Now I tend to read for about 30 minutes before bed each night, which means I am certainly not as fast, but I do still keep it up!

  2. I still read (my nook) for an hour at lunch, and before bed too... its definitely not the 2-3 books per week I averaged as a kid... =)
    (I also have a tuuuuuun of paperbacks, if you're ever interested in a book swap!)

  3. Casey - I guess we just had more time when we were younger. But good for you for keeping up with reading still, even if it's in shorter bursts.

    Kate - I've started reading during my lunch hour again too. It's a nice way to retreat from work and relax. I would love to do a book swap some time! That sounds like such a fun idea.

  4. A book swap sounds so fun! I love that idea. I want to read more this year. I might ask for a Kindle again for Valentine's Day or something. When I had a Kindle I used to read more because I could buy e-books without having to go to the store or library. Super convenient!

  5. I love the idea of a book swap! We could declare favorite "categories" (chick lit, mystery, thriller, etc.) and pair up with a woman who likes the same type as us, then send a book we're through with for her to enjoy!

    Love that! (And can't wait to hear how your books are Jenn--as an English teacher, of course I love hearing of books I need to read!)

  6. Erin - I definitely think you should ask for a Kindle again, especially if it helps you read more. Reading is so relaxing.

    Tory - I will be doing small little reviews of each book after I read them so stay tuned for that!

    And I totally think we should do a book swap! I will try and get it organized soon.

  7. Count me in for the swap! Can't wait to hear how your current reads are, Jenn!